Warning - Beijing WiseWay Consulting is China study abroad scam

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Warning - Beijing WiseWay Consulting is China study abroad scam

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At first I thought the names were just coincidental until I fund out the owner of all the 6 alias names they are using is the same Russian guy connected with all the China internship frauds like Gi2c (Yuri). They tried like hell to recruit my GF's roomie but I was there in her home the last time they called and listened in on speakerphone. These scammers are super smooth and they showed her a bunch of I20 letters of their supposed "successful and satisfied customers" who were accepted to Harvard, Rutgers, Princeton, etc. But they provided no way for anyone to verify with the student. So I started digging on line and found no less than 40 complaints online and that is when I also realized they are using all of these alias names to solicit people;

* Wiseway International Education
* Wiseway Global Education
* Wiseway Education Group
* Beijing Wiseway Consulting
* Wiseway Education Co.
* U.S. Wiseway Education

As I read more on these links I saw how clever their scam is because they make it believable with a bunch of fake testimonials and reviews they obviously wrote themselves and a unique "guarantee" that if you read carefully is meaningless, but the Chinese students believe it all as do some gullible Americans, Birits, Russians, and Europeans who do not fully grasp the English language.

http://opnlttr.com/letter/wiseway-inter ... -they-keep

http://www.realscam.com/f51/wiseway-glo ... heme-4372/ ... m.html#695

It seems most of the damage was done under the banner of Wisewway Global Education and that is the one where most of the complaints trace back to at scam.com and reddit.com and abroadreviews.com. That is also probably why they keep changing their names. They also have some virtual offices (executive suites to get mail forwarded and call answered) in America and the UK, but when you call them, the receptionist will always tell you "they are all in a meeting, just leave a message and someone will call you back." When you do get a call back it is either from China (86 country code) or a "private number" which means they are blocking the caller ID deliberately.

The worst part of all this is that they are stealing between $10,000 to $30,000 from young high school kids and recruiting foreign TEFL teachers to lure and support their scam as "counselors". This is a very shameful fraud and I hope our teaching colleagues in China will stop helping them cheat people.
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Re: Warning - Beijing WiseWay Consulting is China study abroad scam

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Check this out... they are hiring expat tefl teachers in China to be fake university officials to make fake interviews with the students they scam! https://eslwatch.info/en/eslwatch-forum ... fraud.html
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Re: Warning - Beijing WiseWay Consulting is China study abroad scam

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Hello there,

Ok how can prevent a scam of the study abroad program in china and in what ways can such stop the scam?
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