How to deal with rich spoiled Chinese students -"little emperors" ?

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How to deal with rich spoiled Chinese students -"little emperors" ?

Unread post by Skyler » 28 Aug 2017, 00:52

I teach English to primary school kids at an international school that has a mix of German, Dutch, Russian and Chinese kids. The Chinese kids ignore the class rules, eat snacks in class and sometimes play games on their cell phones because as they say to me... "I am here only because my mother makes me come here". When I take away their phones and snacks until break time, the kids complain to their moms who complain to the principal who only cares that the kids go home happy and parents do not ask for refunds. I try to make my class fun so the kids want to be there. The Chinese girls are not a problem - only 3 of the 4 boys. But I have 15 kids in my class and those three always slow down my teaching or disrupt the class conversation by talking to each other in Chinese about some video games. It is truly frustrating. Any suggestions? I am also puzzled as to why the 2 Chinese girls want to learn English and only 1 of the 4 boys seems more interested than not? My class monitors always tell me my teaching methods are upbeat, fun, and never boring. HELP!

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Re: How to deal with rich spoiled Chinese students -"little emperors" ?

Unread post by Volunteer » 30 Aug 2017, 02:01

I know how aggravating and annoying that can be. But mothers rule the education world in China friend. I stopped teaching primary school students and now only teach TOEFL and SAT to more mature high school kids. Problem solved - my way. Maybe you should consider the same solution since you will not change the Chinese politics of school administration.

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