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Introduction to the new season of TEFL in China

Posted: 09 Jan 2017, 11:15
by EL0807
First time to, just would like to share a bit of my viewpoints as a TEFL teacher now in China. Just finished my first 10-month contract at Hangzhou with Zhejiang University Helen Group. The new term of Chinese schools starts on Feb, so just doing the renewal of my contract. Anyone interested in the new season, should have apply and prepare your documents ASAP.

Few suggestions and tips for those candidates applying for TEFL jobs in China, which I get asked by most of my friends who want to work in China:

The age range to teach English in China is between 21 and 60 years old.
If you are over 60 and have extensive teaching experience, the Chinese government may accept you. However, you will be required to conduct a Health Examination in your own country before applying for a visa.

2. WHAT IS THE NATIONALITY REQUIREMENT? (May be the biggest issue, most candidates lost the chance because of the nationality limit)
Native speakers are most welcomed by schools around China. According to the standard of SAFEA, passport holders from UK, USA, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand are recognized as native speakers. Candidates who speak native-like English including native speakers from the above mentioned five nations as well as people from Europe sometimes are acceptable. (non-native speakers will also need to obtain a SAFEA approved TEFL Course before they apply for teaching job in China as according to the requirement of the Chinese authorities). However, if you do have Bachelor degree from a university in native-speaking countries, it will be fine.

It must be remembered that the cost of living in China is very low compared to Western countries. The basic salary, depending on teaching experience and locations in China ranges from 5,000RMB to 8,000RMB. Last year I've been working at Hangzhou Maiyuqiao elementary schools and they paid me 8,500RMB per month with free accommodation. I would say, kind a fair as I still have insurance back in my own country.

Overall, last year was a very interesting year. My students are quite discipline, Helen Group is kinda helpful, I was also contacting with my agent in UK as well. Both my agent and Chinatefl Network, Helen Group are co-operative. Looking forward to the new year. Btw, Hangzhou is definitely an amazing city! Just some thoughts at the moment, feel free to discuss and you can always PM me.

Re: Introduction to the new season of TEFL in China

Posted: 09 Jan 2017, 11:38
by Bruce_W
Hi, EL0807, I am also working at Shenzhen with Zhejiang University Helen Chinatefl Network Co., Ltd, which city do you work on? We are having a new year party at the end of this month, so if you are interested in you may contact me lol. Or add me on WeChat!

Re: Introduction to the new season of TEFL in China

Posted: 09 Jan 2017, 12:29
by EL0807
Hi Bruce, thats brilliant. I am currently working at Hangzhou, I will PM you. Looking forward to organizing a party at Hangzhou as well!!!

Re: Introduction to the new season of TEFL in China

Posted: 09 Jan 2017, 12:36
by Bruce_W
For the past few years of Christmas and Summer parties, we have established a well-managed regular mingle for everyone teaching here in Shenzhen. The Shenzhen group of foreign teachers, under my direction as coordinator of the teachers, had, I believe, a very entertaining and fun time. Lynn, the representative of Zhejiang University Helen Group, was most helpful in accompanying me for what we needed for the party. The teachers were kind to bring their favorite beverage to the party, and I appreciate their spirit of sharing.

Re: Introduction to the new season of TEFL in China

Posted: 09 Jan 2017, 17:26
by everest
I was working in the Zhejiang university Helen Chinatefl Network as a new teacher from last year Sep.
i was working in Wuhan, dongxihu district. i found teaching children around 9-12 as so much fun which i never discovered before. Unlike the student in my town, i think Chinese primary students are very discipline, they behave really well, when they have a foreigner in the classroom. it was rather interesting than teaching in the middle school.
I am new to China and although it's been a year in China, I am so looking for so opportunity to mingle with other "Laowais" :)))

Bruce, any suggestion for me or do you know who I should contact with in the company, which I mean Helen group?

Re: Introduction to the new season of TEFL in China

Posted: 11 Jan 2017, 13:15
by EL0807

Lovely to hear from you. Well I have a contact with John and Richard in the Helen Group. They are pretty good people I think. They do provide some good advices on holding foreigners events and I met them last year Christmas as well.

I think Helen Group they do have this regular event every year so if you are interested in it, you can try to contact them and see who is organizing the stuff in your city.

Re: Introduction to the new season of TEFL in China

Posted: 17 Feb 2017, 02:51
by Murphy
SCAM WARNING: You guys may want to know that Hanghou Helen Chen, aka, aka China TEFL Network, aka Haida HR, are all blacklisted for years at eslcafe, CTA, CFTU, China Scam Patrol, ESL Teachers Board, ESLBase, and probably a few more places as well. My former GF got burned by that bunch in 2012. Buyer beware and check around before you sign anything with them. ... ost1944232

Re: Introduction to the new season of TEFL in China

Posted: 02 Jun 2017, 00:56
by Volunteer

4 of the posters in this thread including the OP, Bruce, and Everest are all shills for The Helen Group!

WARNING TO ALL: The above OP was clearly written as a plug for which is one of the alias companies used by the blacklisted and shady recruiter Helen Chen who has been exposed by eslcafe, CFTU, CTA,and featured many times at an don Reddit. (See below linlks) Aside from that the OP offers information that is absolutely false. A TEFL certificate is NOT a mandatory requirement for a teacher to work in China. Although a genuine 120 hour TEFL course would help any teacher become more proficient,the Chinese government does not require you to have a TEFL certificate ... hers-every. Any information that comes from the above user, HElen Group,, or HAIDA HR should be suspect. The reasons are below at these links since this group is not registered with SAFEA and they are NOT as they claim - "part of the Ministry of Education" nor "Part of Zhejiang Universiity". China Scam Patrol authored a 3page report of their operation back in 2015. ... ost1944232

To obtain the true and genuine 2017 China Teacher Requirements visit or ht tp:// or contact your own embassy or the closest Chineseembassy or consulate to your home.

Re: Introduction to the new season of TEFL in China

Posted: 02 Jun 2017, 00:57
by Volunteer
More info about the Helen Group can be found here friends ... scams.html

Re: Introduction to the new season of TEFL in China

Posted: 02 Jun 2017, 01:00
by Volunteer
Still have doubts about Helen Group, HAIDA HR, or ... 16&t=23329 ... 942#p18245