Foreign ESL Teachers in Beijing With No Z Visa's being arrested in PSB Sting

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Foreign ESL Teachers in Beijing With No Z Visa's being arrested in PSB Sting

Unread post by Volunteer » 11 Nov 2016, 01:45

For anyone working in China without a Z Visa you had better avoid job ads that look too good to be true. It seems the China visa police (PSB) are posting these ads all over the place, even on Twitter, and using Facebook recommendations too. I just got my CSP newletter and saw that 29 foreign teachers were arrested th elast week of October in Beijing and another 41 in Shanghai. See below;

"Teachers who fell for the teaching jobs being offered on Twitter and Facebook got a rude "good morning" 2 weeks ago when the Public Security Bureau's Visa squad in Being grabbed them as they went to work and could not produce Z visas in their passports.

They are also using Facebook. 3 of my friends who worked at Gao Si Education group in Haidian District of Beijing were arrested two weeks ago and they were recruited from a Facebook Recruiter "ChinaCathy". And they were offered achoice to either spend 30 days in jail or a $5,000 fine and let the Chinese cops copy their phone contacts. Of course they paid the $5,000 and they are being deported this Friday. One of them was a student at Peking University and now willnot be able to graduate in June. Three years of study and tuition down the toilet! So when you hear recruiters tell someone it is 'no big deal' to get caught working without a Z visa or a real diploma, show them this story.

The others that were busted were nabbed from a Twitter sting operation and now if everyone is offered the same choice of jail or the fine/phone deal, it is only a matter of time before the China cops have a huge database and start doing "random visa checks" that are not "random" at all.

At the CFTU web site they have the statistics year by year showing how many foreigners got deported and the reason. It averages about 3,000 per year and over 80% of those deportation are for working without a z visa and another 10% for using fake diplomas. I wonder how they explain their new felony convictions to future employers when they go back home?"

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Re: Foreign ESL Teachers in Beijing With No Z Visa's being arrested in PSB Sting

Unread post by Skyler » 10 Mar 2017, 01:25

Gulp! These China visa cops are not stupid. They probably watch a lot of American TV cop programs. I just found this at another teacher forum:

"Two weeks ago my GF went for a job interview after finding a really juicy job ad for a TEFL teacher to help train TOEFL students planning to study abroad. The ad was on website. Strangely the job interview was in a 5 star hotel coffee shop and everything seemed normal until she noticed a guy standing behind a plant with a video camera mounted on a tripod about 10 meters away, point right at her. She asked the “HR lady” why she was being taped, and the lady denied any knowledge of the camera. So my GF sensed something was wrong and said she was no longer interested in the job and got up to leave.

Just then she said two guys came over to the table and showed police badges and demanded to see her passport and asked her what university she graduated from. Luckily my GF had just recently got sponsored for a Z visa by a local university to do part time recruiting work for a special 2+2 overseas program. Only a month before she was working for EF on a F visa that their recruiter arranged for her. The cops photographed every page of her passport, and when they saw the Z visa they turned their attention on to her university studies, asking her what her major was and who was her favorite professor at LSU where she graduated.

After a few minutes they started asking her how she met her agent and how much she paid her to get her invitation letter. She felt something was wrong and said she wanted to call a lawyer. They asked her why she needed a lawyer, and if she did something wrong? Then she tried to call me on her phone and they took her phone from her and told her that if she confessed and gave them names and introductions to other foreign teachers they would let her go. My GF started to freak out and cry. Meanwhile, they plugged her phone into a laptop and copied all of her phone. Then they just gave it back to her and told her she had 24 hours to bring her diploma to the PSB office near Dongzhimen. After almost an hour, she was free to leave. My GF was speechless and couldn’t wait to get out of there.

On her way out of the lobby she saw a white van and it had 3 or 4 foreigners in the back and wire mesh was over the windows. They called out to her and asked her to write down phone numbers and relay messages for them that they had been arrested. As she was looking for paper and pencil to jot down their names and messages, a cop came over to the van and chased her away. She came home in an emotional mess and just told me she wanted to go back to Atlanta. It took me three days to calm her down and convince her to stay until the end of her contract.

She later found out from one of her EF colleagues that one of the TAs was tipping off the cops about all the teachers EF hired at her branch with F and M 90 day visas. I think EF exceeded their limit on how many Z visas they could sponsor in one year and were trying to save money. If she had not taken that university job that pays peanuts, she would be sitting in a jail right now waiting to be deported. By the way, it was that very same TA who showed her the ad in theBeijinger after she heard my wife complaining that she wanted to earn more money. Yesterday, her best friend sent her this link from another web site detailing a rewards program where the Chinese government was paying people 10,000 to turn in foreigners working without z visas,

I’m not sure what to make of all this, but maybe you all should avoid a recruiter whose initials are JZ who recruits for EF, Goldentran, and Aston English. She deliberately misled my GF about what visa she needed to work in China and caused her to have the most scary day of her life in China. Also don’t believe any great job ad in thebeijinger, because it is probably part of this sting operation."

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Re: Foreign ESL Teachers in Beijing With No Z Visa's being arrested in PSB Sting

Unread post by Andrewhe » 06 May 2017, 11:32

It was common that foreigners worked without work visa in China. And everything went well. But you never what will happen tomorrow. Police can show up at any minute to investigate illegal things. I though that teaching English without work visa in china is quite safe. At least, my American and British friends have been teaching and extend their business visa every two months. And they are the only foreigners in the small cities. My suggestion is always to work with a work visa. otherwise, a foreigner may be blacklisted once busted by PSB. Btw I am a Chinese

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Re: Foreign ESL Teachers in Beijing With No Z Visa's being arrested in PSB Sting

Unread post by Murphy » 15 Feb 2018, 08:13

2018 UPDATE: From bad news to worse. My Chinese neighbor is dating a girl who is a PSB "visa verification officer" and we met in the stairwell when she decided to practice her English on me. Our quick chat turned into a KTV invitation with my neighbor, his GF and three other friends of theirs. I was the only waiguoren there and we all drank until we were a bit tipsy (it's Chinese New Years over here - give me a break!) Anyway, The PSB girl admitted that she gets big bonus money for every fake teacher she busts. Considering her month;y salary is only 5,000 rmb, the 1,000 rmb bonus is really motivating her and her "team". In 2017 they had 3 teams in Beijing that do the random school visits and stings ops.

She said in 2018 she will make more money in bonus cash than her normal salary because they expanded to 5 teams and they are now arresting unlicensed recruiters just to squeeze information anout their expat clients working without z visas or real diplomas. They give the busted recruiters a choice to spend six months in jail and pay a 100,000, rmb or let the PSB copy their hard drives, email logs, and phone chats/contacts. She told me her team has leads on over 600 fake teachers in Beijing alone, and remember she is just one team leader! The bottom line is that 2018 will be a year of even more arrests and deportations than 2017, which already broke the old record of 2,970 expat teacher busts by more than 60%.

The sting operations are already expanded to two teams in Beijing, and according to Ling, they grab about 30 foreign teachers every week from the fake job interviews. So be very careful about applying for new jobs that say, "no degreeor experience required" or "free furnished apartment" which are frequently used in their sting job ads that they post at these websites:

Yesterday I saw Ling in our parking lot and she casually asked if I had a "real Z visa" and I am not sure what she meant by that but I guess there are also fake Z visas floating around. She says their scanners spot them immediately. Maybe someone elseknows more about the fake z visas? There are some posts at reddit from people already busted in these stings and also at theses three linls;,, and So who has the 411 on the fake z visas?

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