Warning for Foreign Teachers - China Hepatitis Epidemic Is Well-Hidden

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Warning for Foreign Teachers - China Hepatitis Epidemic Is Well-Hidden

Unread post by Grizzly » 02 Jan 2016, 11:01

I just finished reading this at another ESL message board and it got me searching on Google. This is serious sh*t guys. Pay attention or you can get this deadly disease for free and it has no known cure...

"In 2009 China's government stopped reporting it's Hepatitis A,B, & C cases to WHO (World Health Organization) after it was learned 300,000 people in Shanghai alone were infected and 11 expats died of the disease. At that point in time it was known that 12% of the Chinese population was infected - the highest infection rate in the world. It was later announced by WHO that the true infection rate of China may be as high as 18% since most cases go undiagnosed for at least 3-5 years in China, thus allowing the disease to spread.

In 2014 the very popular restaurant chain YOSHINOYA in Beijing was caught not sterilizing their reusable plastic chopsticks to save money, and 36% of the chopsticks were found to be carrying the HVC pathogens - the most contagious strain of Hep C which has no cure. Yoshinoya previously boast that they fed over 5 million Chinese consumers every day at over 300 locations throughout China. www.epidemic.org/theFacts/theEpidemic/worldPrevalence/

Here is a direct quote from one research report: "Statistically, as many people are infected with HCV as are with HIV, the virus that causes AIDS. Without large scale efforts to contain the spread of HCV and treat infected populations, the death rate from hepatitis C will surpass that of AIDS by the turn of the century and will only get worse. "

So if you are going to work in China guys, do NOT use the reusable plastic chopsticks offered in restaurants - ask for the wooden take out chopsticks sealed in plastic that are sealed in plastic at the factory. My roomie came to China clean 9 months ago to teach TEFL for Wall Street English and just a few days ago went to see a doctor since he was constantly feeling exhausted. Today he found out he tested positive for Hep C and will need to spend about $60 a day on medication for the rest of his life to avoid the fatigue."

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Re: Warning for Foreign Teachers - China Hepatitis Epidemic Is Well-Hidden

Unread post by Saturn » 17 Jan 2016, 04:02

Most people do not realize how big and bad Hepatitis can be. It is the most contagious disease in the world. My partner's sister had it and all she wanted to do was sleep. She was always so tired. Maybe 70% of her adult life was spent sleeping. She would even fall asleep in class, and twice in a taxi! http://www.shanghaiexpat.com/phpbbforum ... b7b24e7894

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Re: Warning for Foreign Teachers - China Hepatitis Epidemic Is Well-Hidden

Unread post by Noosphere » 14 Aug 2018, 21:05

I hate to doody on your rug but this post is none factual. I am 39 and when I was five I contracted HCV (hep c)/when I was five during blood transfusions while being treated for cancer.
2 years ago I was effectively "cured" of the disease by anti retroviral released only in the past 5 years or so, such as Harvoni.

One, Hep C is a blood born virus that can only be gotten by blood to blood contact . The chance of getting it sexually is so low that the US govt does not recommend that monogamous hetero couples need to change their sex practices if one is HCV+.
Only rough anal sex, wherein bleeding can occur by both parties, is this even remotely possible. I is NOT communicable by dirty chopstick, french kissing or vaginal sex.

Two, there is no treatment for it that involves taking a med for the rest of your life. You either get interferon+pregbalin treatment for 6-8 months , like in times past, or you use the new meds (there are about 4) with have a 98% cure rate with 2 to 3 months of treatment.

I have been researching these topics since I was 20, when I was told I had the virus. The OP is either magnificently dim or ignorant. A brief googling of the topics herein will absolutely refute the OPs claims.

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