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Just had 1st China job Skype interview

Posted: 04 Nov 2015, 05:59
by Brent_NZ
I had my first ever Skype interview for a job at a school in China.

It lasted all of about 10 minutes and my gut feeling is that I won't hear back from them. It's okay I'm just feeling out my options and gaining experience with the process anyway atm.

I could feel the interest fall suddenly away when I was asked how long I wanted to stay in China - when I answered that I was willing and able to commit to 1 year (and then I'd see from there) the interviewer quickly gave a nod that seemed to signal the end of the interview lol. From there I got "I have no more questions..." Of course, I may be reading too much into it and its just as likely they are not interested in my application for any number of reasons.

A recruiter I have spoken to has said that schools are increasingly wanting 2 or 3 year commitments now - is that your guys experience?

Re: Just had 1st China job Skype interview

Posted: 30 Nov 2015, 19:52
by robbotochina
I would add a wrinkle.
When they ask about how long? bring up the question of paid holidays over summer - that's if it is a state tertiary.