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NZ teacher looking to work in South-east Asia 2016

Posted: 14 Aug 2015, 04:26
by Brent_NZ
I am a 39 year old Bachelor holding registered (nz) teacher with 12 years classroom experience.
I'm looking at working in South-East Asia in 2016 and really keen on gathering advice from more experienced people like your good selves!
I am primary trained but have taught a range of levels and subjects mainly from year 7-11.

Although I am not motivated solely by salary, and I don't need the 'big bucks' so to speak, I simply cannot afford to take a 'survival' salary as I have modest financial commitments here at home that I need to be able to maintain while I'm away...

My daughter and I just returned from a month in Thailand which I loved, but from what I can see the jobs there don't pay well in general. I'm also interested in Vietnam and/or Brunei but anyway, keen to read your comments and suggestions!

Btw, I don't currently hold a Tefl qualification but I'm willing to get one if need be...

Re: NZ teacher looking to work in South-east Asia 2016

Posted: 30 Nov 2015, 20:00
by robbotochina
If you are currently registered in NZ you should be looking at the legit International schools, not what's known as an FT. These pay 2.5/3 times the FT scale.
It also looks halfway decent on your CV when you return home.
South China (Guangdong) has a few of these internationals - many teaching baccalaureate. They cater for wealthy Chinese and expat kids as Guangzhou is a real foreign trade hub.