China Authorities Blacklisting Teachers With Fake Diplomas!

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China Authorities Blacklisting Teachers With Fake Diplomas!

Unread post by Blink » 21 Sep 2014, 05:26

Well about another 5,000 foreign teachers are about to be canned. I cut and pasted the below from the CFTU website...

"The CFTU has just recently been "advised" and provided a copy of a memo from SAFEA to the Minister of Education (dated January 3rd, 2014) suggesting that all schools be directed to reject foreign teacher applications who present diplomas and degrees from "unaccredited or fake universities and learning institutions or organizations" listed below. The two page memo further "suggests" that the PSB also include this verification procedure when conducting random visa checks at schools throughout China.

Although the memo was merely a suggestion made several months ago, our other sources have advised us that the suggestion was accepted and principals and deans in all provinces have been provided the below list as well as this link here to double-check. Online Verification Link The new precaution is to become effective October 1, 2014. The MOE directive also insists that violating applicants be "noted and reported accordingly" (blacklisted) so as not to be rehired if already working in China fraudulently. See these links about existing blacklists:

Official SAFEA Web Site
ESL Base Forum
Hao Hao Report
ESL Employment Forum
ESL Cafe Forum

Clearly the Chinese government is now clamping down on foreign expat teachers who are not qualified to teach and this disclosure was provided as a warning message of what is to come. We were also advised that in 2015 Chinese embassies and visa bureaus will start requiring fingerprinting of all expat employee applicants but no details were provided.

Our concern is that teachers already in China using fake diplomas and degrees may be subject to arrest and deportation with similar 5 year reentry bans given to those caught working without Z visas in recent months.

The actual list is at this link here: ... ry-of.html

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Re: China Authorities Blacklisting Teachers With Fake Diplom

Unread post by Volunteer » 22 Sep 2014, 00:02

Its not just fake degrees they are looking for but also fake TEFL, TESOL, and CELTA certificates. Check this out - Expat teachers were already caught and deported!

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