Scam Alert - CUCAS Study In China Program Targeting Teachers

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Scam Alert - CUCAS Study In China Program Targeting Teachers

Unread post by Murphy » 24 Mar 2014, 07:50

This appears to be another one of those sophisticated China scams that looks so great and innocent on the surface and you don't see the bottom half of the iceberg until you are already in China with no hope of a refund. There are 4 or 5 links warning people about this fraud on the internet but they are buried so deep within the SEO spam of CUCAS which is owned by a former Chinese government official. This guy is so cunning. Read this link and see for yourself.

Long story short, they claim to be part of the Ministry of Education (they are not) and they promise they can get you into any Chinese university to study Chinese and then give you a job when you finish. But after you pay the money you are told that you were only accepted by a handful of universities - the ones that pay CUCAS a commission! Once they have your money there will be a snow storm in hell before you can get a refund. Then they also collect from the university. In fact the money you pay for tuition also goes in his pocket because he gets the university to give you a scholarship about half the time.
Make a complaint with the authorities and the CUCAS owner will pay off visa official to make sure your visa does not get renewed OR he gets you deported because he gets you to work illegally on a student visa! Looking at the nice website they have with the phony domain name, it is very easy to fall for this trap.

My buddy is dating a girl who used to work there and she told us all this stuff. At first we did not believe her until we started seeing the complaints on line. Spread the word people - they solicit via emails, Skype, and social media using "China Scholarships" and "Work In China" ads as bait.

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Re: Scam Alert - CUCAS Study In China Program Targeting Teachers

Unread post by Skyler » 06 Mar 2017, 03:20

Watch out people... this scam is still going strong. They contacted me last week asking me if I wanted a scholarship to a famous university. Who doesn't! But I did not have the time to do my homework until just now and look what I found in less than a 1 minute google search; ... ment-10892 ... st70403722

How do people believe such wonderful offers without checking this company out? The oldest complain I found goes back to 2012 so you can guess how many victims there must be. ... 20731.html

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Re: Scam Alert - CUCAS Study In China Program Targeting Teachers

Unread post by PrinceAma » 25 Dec 2017, 02:27

My friend got scholarship from them, I think they are providing good service, their price is reasonable, and they don't have hidden charges, after all they are not providing free service.

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Re: Scam Alert - CUCAS Study In China Program Targeting Teachers

Unread post by Grizzly » 28 Dec 2017, 03:33

The thing is you can get these scholarships yourself for free instead of paying CUCAS $3000 to fill out your application forms for you. Anyone with a GPA of 3.0 or higher can get the Fullbright or CSC scholarships simply by applying directly online. The problem with CUCAS is their total deception - claiming to be part of China's Ministry of Education and without their "connecttions" you have no chance to get these scholarships. Total Bull! My GF just got one last year - for free!

And since this your one and only post, I suspect you may be an employee of CUCAS as well. They have a history of posting their own endorsements you know.

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