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CRB checks for TEFL jobs in Asia

Posted: 19 Nov 2010, 09:58
by lauracollman
Hi, I am starting on a CELTA course in Vietnam in January and then hope to teach somewhere in SE Asia. The school I am doing the course at recomends that if you want to try and get a job with them after the course, you should get a CRB check done when still in the UK as this is a condition of employment and it is easier to get the check done in the UK.
However, when I have looked into getting a CRB check done, I found you can not ask for one for yourself - the request has to come from your employer / prospective employer. What I would like to know is:
1. Whether people agree that having a CRB check is necessary for most jobs in Asia
2. If so, should I somehow try and get this done before I leave the UK or is it easy enough to get it done from abroad

Any advice on this would be welcome


Re: CRB checks for TEFL jobs in Asia

Posted: 20 Nov 2010, 06:03
by pokedmund
When I worked in the UK (NHS), the hospitals always did my CRBs for me.

Since I've been in Hong Kong, I've had three job interviews and none of them have asked me about my CRB or my criminal records (by the way, am clean!)

That's my experience of HK, but I haven't applied to schools, so they might be a little different.

Re: CRB checks for TEFL jobs in Asia

Posted: 22 Nov 2010, 11:48
by Briona
Hi Laura,

I worked for a school in Vietnam this summer who advised me to get either a Subject Access Request from the police or clearance from Disclosure Scotland. I opted for the latter as I could do it online and I didn't need to send my passport off! I chose the basic disclosure (even though I knew I would be working with children!) which cost £23.

As it turned out, I didn't need police clearance as I was only working there for the summer.Note that had I have stayed on for the academic year, I would not have been issued a visa without it. In addition to the police check, to get a work visa, you will also need to bring your original degree certificate (duplicates/re-issues are NOT accepted!).

Hope that helps.


Re: CRB checks for TEFL jobs in Asia

Posted: 26 Nov 2010, 15:29
by markc
This depends on where you want to work in Asia. Every country has a different requirement. Korea & China require a criminal background check. In Korea the employers expect you to do this yourself. I don't quite understand how this can work for UK citizens, when they are not allowed to apply for themselves. Perhaps someone here could give more information on this.

Not all countries require a criminal background check. Taiwan is one example.

Re: CRB checks for TEFL jobs in Asia

Posted: 03 Dec 2010, 14:13
by lauracollman
I don't understand how this is done when you can't apply for it yourself either! I have contacted the Criminal Records Bureau and they were very unhelpful. Anyone who has worked in South Korea and has had experience of having to have a CRB check, please get in touch!