Teaching in the Middle East

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Teaching in the Middle East

Unread post by mohammad » 03 Mar 2010, 09:55

Hello, I was just wondering if anyone here has been teaching or has taught in the middle east. If so, where was it, how was it. What kind of qualifications do you have? I would like to teach there but I need to do alot of research first( and get the relevant qualifications!) I was most interested in Saudi Arabia, Egypt and Syria as there is a high demand for English speaking teachers there. Thankyou for any help.

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Re: Teaching in the Middle East

Unread post by ICAL_Pete » 04 Mar 2010, 12:35

Regarding qualifications, it depends where. As a rule, the higher paying countries (Saudi, etc) are looking for more qualifications and a few years' experience as well whereas Egypt is less strict and a degree + TEFL cert is fine in many cases.

Again, there are many differences in lifestyle and expectations depending on which country you go for. Respect for religion is higher in some places more than others, drinking of alcohol and freedom of expression also varies. It can be a rewarding place to teach but if you are thinking of making a long term experience then I would suggest you choose your country carefully!

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