Salary for a TEFL job compared to living expenses in Asia

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Salary for a TEFL job compared to living expenses in Asia

Unread post by snusmumriken » 26 Dec 2007, 17:45


I am considering going to China to get a TEFL certificate and teach English there (or in another Eastern Asian country) afterwards. I will post another question in another thread in another category after this one, about where to actually get a TEFL certificate.

The idea of "teaching English" itself is not really a motivation for me. I can imagine myself in that position, and also enjoying it, but I am more interested in a TEFL certificate as something providing the possibility to settle down somewhere, for a few months, while travelling in developing countries. Before the TEFL-in-China-idea came to my mind, I was considering (and I am still considering) buying a bike and cycling Eastward into Asia. I am not sure if I can afford it, however, especially not if I am to attend a TEFL course in Europe beforehand. However, what about going to China, doing the course there (cheaper), getting a job there (easier?), buying a bike there (cheaper!) and then touring back to Europe on two wheels?

What I want to know: Let's say I get a job as an English teacher in China: Do you think I would be able to save money doing that (to earn more money than I'd spend)? In that case, how much?

Also, do people usually enjoy teaching English in this part of the world? Is it hard? Any experiences?

Thank you in advance! :)

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Re: Salary for a TEFL job compared to living expenses in Asia

Unread post by Comenius » 28 Dec 2007, 20:39

The bottom line I'm afraid is that you'll be hard pressed to save a significant amount while living in China. You can live well, and you can save, but I'm not sure it's the best location to drum up a bank roll for further travels. If that's your main goal, you might want to check out Korea or Taiwan.

You can check out ESL salaries from countries around the world--including China--at: ... index.html

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