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Employment in Thailand

Posted: 13 Oct 2007, 08:51
by gr43me
I come from England and have had a TEFL certificate (grade A-), which I obtained from Koh Samui, a year ago. I have taught in 3 different schools (2 schools P1-P6, and a monk school M1-M3) on a voluntary basis in both the North and South of Thailand, for which i have letters of reference and photo's of me with the students and teachers . I am now looking for paid work in Thailand as I enjoyed teaching so much and would love to teach as a career. The problem is that I don't have a degree. Most of the positions I have seen, ask for a degree in any subject.
Please can you give me some advice on how i can get a job, and do you know of any agencies I can get in contact with, that will help me .

I look forward to hearing from you

Kind regards

Graeme Watson :D

Re: Employment in Thailand

Posted: 21 Apr 2008, 13:14
by systematic
It is not possible to teach in schools and colleges in Thailand without a degree (in any subject).
There are no workarounds. TESOL institutes, particularly the ones in Thailand, are well aware of this and by not warning their non-degree students, they are practically operating a scam. This may get you more advice on Teaching in Thailand