*URGENT* visa to taiwan from china

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*URGENT* visa to taiwan from china

Unread post by Enoch83 » 15 Aug 2007, 21:57

I am about to be in a TEFL program in beijing and i plan on working in taiwan immediately after i complete the course. does anyone know if i need to obtain a work visa to taiwan from america or do it when i am in china?

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Visa question...

Unread post by shlee » 16 Aug 2007, 01:23

You should see about obtaining your work visa for Taiwan while you are in China or any other place where they have a consulate to cover such matters. Here is a link that details the information you need to know regarding a resident work visa. Don't get stuck by listening to people who don't know. You should do your best to obtain the visa before entering the country.


Hope it all works out for you...

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