Teaching in China

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Teaching in China

Unread post by laughingman » 21 Apr 2007, 09:28

hello everybody,
I would like to go and teach in China, but do not know where to turn. :(
I have been in contact with this agency called chinateacher.co.uk, who says they have jobs in China available now. Does anyone know if they are for real?
Please help me, i would like to go to China next semester, but I do not know who to turn to. :?

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Unread post by Comenius » 22 Apr 2007, 00:21

There are far more jobs in China than native speakers to take them. Competition for you will be strong.

As with all things, be cautious when arranging overseas work if you don't have a referral from someone you know and trust. I would much rather just go and look for work once I'm there than trusting that a contract negotiated over the Internet would hold up.

Of course, lots of people do just that and are just fine. That being said, unless you're penniless and can't handle the one way air ticket and money to live and eat for a month or so until you're on your feet, I would much rather do it all in person.

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Unread post by Peter Easton » 25 Apr 2007, 01:53

Comenius is right, there is lots of work in China. You need to do your research on China first, read up about the country and speak to people about it then figure out where in China you want to live - it's a huge country.

Once you've done that, do a few Google searches such as 'teaching job Chongqing' or whatever and contact schools in the city or town with a view to getting a firm offer.

Alternatively you could do what I did and what many others do and save your money, book your ticket, turn up and look for work - it ain't hard as long as you have enough cash and are smart, reliable, hard working and reasonably professional in your manner and appearance.

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