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Suggestions on where to find short-term placements

Discussion about jobs in Asia inc. Middle East

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Suggestions on where to find short-term placements

Unread post by RebeccaDH88 » 30 Mar 2019, 19:34

Hi there,

My boyfriend and I are looking to teach ESL overseas in Asia. I am a certified Secondary School English teacher here in Ontario with ESL qualifications and he is finishing his Bachelor's degree in Linguistics. We are looking to start in January/February of 2020, but we don't have a great length of time available to travel. As such, we are looking to find a placement that is only 3-4 months long, but I am having trouble. Most placements of that length that I can find are through third-party placement companies, and they ask upwards of $1000 to place you somewhere. Does anyone have any suggestions for where I could find contracts of this length posted or specific schools who offer short-term contracts? Thanks so much in advance!

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