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How to study TEFL in South Africa

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How to study TEFL in South Africa

Unread post by Phindik » 08 Feb 2015, 23:23

Hi Lucy

I am from South Africa and have been Lecturing for more than 8 years in my Country , I wish to teach English abroad but I can not find the right college to study TEFL course because I discovered that most schools internationally don't acknowledge online Certificates . What do you suggest I do to get training ? I don't have money to go and study TEFL overseas , please help me I ma desperate?

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Re: How to study TEFL in South Africa

Unread post by Awalls86 » 09 Feb 2015, 07:21

Hi I'm not Lucy, but can perhaps help:

Try the CELTA ... uth-africa

Maybe it's not cheap, but with it you should have few problems finding work.

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Re: How to study TEFL in South Africa

Unread post by Lucy » 09 Feb 2015, 21:53

The CELTA is an excellent course, as is Trinity. You should check if they're offered in S Africa. You could get in touch with the British Council or British Consulate to find out. You didn't say what you lecture in. Could you teach that subject abroad?
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