The parents are coming to watch my lesson; what can I do?

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The parents are coming to watch my lesson; what can I do?

Unread post by sabribaq » 05 Aug 2007, 22:28

Congratulations on this page.It´s fantastic!
I am teaching English in First Grade,(6 year old children) and I have to prepare a special lesson for parents to come and watch.
It´s a large group, 25 girls; they can understand basic instructions in English and also produce, but it´s still a little bit difficult for me to use English all the time, they get distracted when they don´t understand. We have worked with vocabulary on school objects,colours, numbers, clothes, and animals. Structures we have worked on : It´s a..../They´re.... (colour+ noun). I´m...(name or age)
I can see.....
I hope you can help me.
thanks very much.

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Observed lesson with children

Unread post by Lucy » 10 Aug 2007, 18:44

I suggest you start with some activities that the students have done before using language they are familiar with. By starting with what they already know, they will perform well and the lesson will get off to a good start.

You can also play some games to practise the language you mention. Simon says is a game for practising instructions and goes down well with children. You can play some games with classroom objects, maybe Kim's game or another memory game. You can also play guessing games with the same objects.

Prepare some strategies for how you will deal with distractions and how to cope if students don't understand what you are doing. Also prepare an activity that they can do on paper; either colouring objects according to the colours you mention; matching words and pictures or copying words and matching them with pictures. You can choose from these as you know their abilities in writing. It's important to prepare an activity that can calm and re-focus the children.

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