My Essay to be submitted

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My Essay to be submitted

Unread post by Musa » 08 Jun 2020, 15:31

Hello Sir/Madam, here is my essay. Please kindly go through it. Thank you.

Essay for the Lesson Plan
The lesson plan was made for young learners (Beginners) attending English classes. There are a mixed monolingual group of ten students in the class between the age of 6-8 years old. The main concentration of this lesson is the four seasons (Spring, Summer, Fall/Autumn, Winter) of the year. This is the first time the students will be learning the seasons and when they occur. As beginners, I will avoid ambiguity and explain in simple terms the months for each season and the weather condition expected. They are already familiar with some numbers, colors, and animals using the word ‘favorite’ to ask each other questions as it is a common word amongst beginners. The word ‘favorite’ is seemingly a form of competition among the students and using it is one of the best ways to teach the main vocabulary. I had asked about their favorite colors, foods, animals in the previous lesson and I will use this method to catch both their attention and interest in the subject matter. Teaching beginners could be one of the most challenging tasks because of their exuberant and easy switch attention. Students might find it difficult to understand the changes in time and there might be confusion between the seasons. However, most common challenges are to over-use the native language as well as making incorrect pronunciation of the words. Another concern for me will be to try to avoid students becoming too dependent on me and encourage them to answer concept checking questions. I go to class with extra pens, papers in case any of the kids forget theirs. Knowing pretty well the rate of limited resources in the school, prior to the class, I prepared the teaching materials to be used such as the warmers and coolers sheets, worksheets, flashcards, pictures, etc.
For this plan, I chose to start with 5 minutes of warm-up activities by pinning the pictures of animals, colors, and numbers that we had learned in the immediate previous class. This visual method will make them remember and further strengthen what they had learned. In addition to that, it will make them feel comfortable knowing that they are remembering their past lessons. In the transition to this lesson, within 5 minutes, I added a seasonal holiday warm-up activity on the whiteboard. Knowing that every student loves the holiday, I will ask them their favorite seasonal holiday (Christmas, Easter, End-of-the-year, and Halloween) and they will ask each other’s favorite holiday while seemingly introducing them to the four seasons of the year. This warm-up activity will energize and make them interested in the lesson.
In this lesson plan, I am using the PPP method. As beginners, I will first give example sentences on the whiteboard and help students relate to it. This technique follows the inductive approach. I will then draw four big squares on the whiteboard then write the four seasons in it. Using the examples, I will explain by re-asking them about their favorite seasonal holidays and connecting it to the four seasons. I will tell them that Christmas happens in Winter, Easter happens in Spring, End-of-the-year happens in Summer, and Halloween happens in Fall/Autumn. This will help them grasp the idea of the four seasons. I will write the list of months and the weather vocabularies on the corner of the whiteboard and in addition to that, I will use the flashcards that have different seasonal trees on them. Flashcard 1 has a tree with flowers/leaves, sun, and clouds on it. Flashcard 2 has a tree with lots of leaves and Big sun on it. Flashcard 3 has some leaves falling off the tree and clouds on it. And flashcard 4 has a tree with no leaves and snow on it. I will read out the descriptions on the flashcards and tell them which season each flashcard represents. I will also use the months and weather vocabularies to explain in the simplest way so as to engage the students through elicitation. I allocate 20 minutes for this presentation stage so that I can have enough time to give more examples, explain and differentiate the seasons. I will engage (CCQs) the students to ensure the proper usage of the months, weather vocabularies, and understanding.
For the practice stage, I also allocated 20 minutes because the students will have to repeat and practice the lesson without producing or worry about new vocabulary. I will write some simple sentences on the board and chorus (CIC method) with them so as to create a clear model of how a word is pronounced or stressed. This practice further strengthens their quest to memorize the four seasons. I will chorus with students individually so that I can correct any incorrect word pronounced. Students will be asked to ask each other questions by reading the sentences on the whiteboard. After the class and individual chorusing, I will give clear instructions of the gap-fill exercise to be practiced. Each student will be given a gap-fill worksheet with just four questions to fill in the correct season in the sentencing exercise. I will move around the class to check their work and correct any mistakes. This activity will not only assist students to face vocabularies in a variety of contexts but also get a better understanding of the four seasons. To finally check their understanding, I will use the CCQs to ask about their favorite season(s) and to answer by raising their hands. Students will also ask each other about their favorite season so that I can know if their pronunciation is better than before.
In the production stage, I allocated 10 minutes for them to practice on their own without too much interjection from me. I want them to be freer and play with the four seasons and remember them forever. This stage is to create natural interaction among the students. So, I will place two tables in the class and divide the students into two groups and give a clear explanation of how to play “Season Bingo”. I will give each student in the group some pictures with an emblazoned season and word. Since I want it to be totally controlled by the students themselves, one of the students will have the master picture and read it out for all the groups. Any students that have the mentioned word and season will call out Bingo and separate the picture on the table. This process goes around until the first student to finish shouts Bingo and wins. This activity will be interesting and motivating to students in relation to the four seasons I taught them.
During the last 5 minutes, I will first play a song that sings (The four seasons are Winter, Summer, Spring, Fall) and the students try to sing along. The final song will be played with a ball in the middle. The song will be playing and any time it stops, the student with the ball will have to mention a season and month it can be found (e.g. Student says Winter, December then another says Summer, July) and the process continues until everyone takes part and we ends the class with a positive note. I will finally explain worksheet homework to each student to make them busy and to serve as a reminder for the next class.
In conclusion, in the process of creating the work plan, I had taken into consideration many aspects such as Students’ attitudes, the adaptation of activities, level and age, and prior knowledge and level of the activities which are the significant aspects of the lesson in order to create the warmth in the class.

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Re: My Essay to be submitted

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