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TEFL in the era of Google Translate

Posted: 12 Nov 2022, 19:53
by InDaysofOld
I was a TEFL teacher from 1964 to 1999 and by the time I quit, some students had started to use small electronic dictionaries. But that was about it as far as machine translation had gone. But I wonder how things are today, now that apps that are available on phones and computers.

I maintain an interest in language learning (currently working at my Italian) and must say that I do find apps such as "iTranslate" and "Reverso" very useful. If I think I know how to say something like "If I were you, I'd take the train," I can check this at once via "iTranslate".

But what happens nowadays in the TEFL class with written work? Is this still set? And what happens about correction?

Would be interested to know how things are these days.