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Reason: The need to form the correct vision and perception of the educational process

Posted: 21 Sep 2022, 14:31
by MaksRomanov
Three main truths that a child must learn in elementary school: responsibility, the ability to accurately complete tasks, as well as the ability to correctly understand these tasks and perceive them as their own, and not as for their parents.
To begin with, it is necessary to form a sense of independence in children, especially when the child has to enter a university. When applying to college, one problem arises, since at school, after writing an essay, help for college admission can be found in college paper assistance. Unfortunately, in the early stages, this can lead to worse results, but over time, everything should return to normal. Most often, this situation occurs in children who are the only ones in the family.

The child tries to draw his first hooks, imperfect and uneven, and the parents immediately begin to criticize: “You spell wrong!”, “He led me to the wrong place!”, “What are you writing like a chicken paw!?” - according to such criteria it is difficult to raise the level of self-esteem of the child. But the level of self-affirmation of parents is maximum.

And at school, the teacher scolds that the child cannot write a capital letter "T". It is not the parents who come to the teacher with comments, but the teacher himself forces the parents to study with the child. Teachers only explain the material during the lesson and shift the mission of constant supervision of the child to the parents. In addition, such teachers usually expect parents to come and ask for advice, as well as asking “How are you?”. The perception of joint performance of tasks is formed, for which both the student and parents are now responsible. But, for some reason, later, when in high school they ask such a child what profession he chose or chose, there will be no unequivocal answer, because the child has not formed the concept of independence and his own opinion.

If parents constantly help a child out of any situation, he will not learn to be independent at all. Such a student will always think that “mom will come up with something anyway,” and is in no hurry to correct the situation on his own. There are also parents who fear that raising a child's sense of independence can turn into a confrontation between the student not only with the teacher, but with the entire system.

Re: Reason: The need to form the correct vision and perception of the educational process

Posted: 28 Nov 2022, 13:53
by LexYmae
Wow, I' so lucky to find it; I've just had such assignment a school. Thanks!