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Japan Heathcare/Medication Query

Posted: 10 Aug 2022, 14:23
by DCoop

Both my wife and I are experienced teachers in the UK (she works in a primary school and I work in a university). We are looking for a bit of a change in direction and, having travelled around Japan, are looking into moving over to teach English. The (potential) problem is that we are both require prescription medication. In Britain we get this through the National Health Service. From my research it seems that Japan uses a subsidized insurance system but i've been unable to get a clear answer from any of the large TEFL providers regarding whether a prospective employer would cover our medications. Neither of our them are particularly unusual so I don't anticipate access being problem. It's more a case of who pays/how much it costs and how long it would take to set things up. The latter point is especially important for my wife. I get a months worth of medication at a time but she is diabetic and requires insulin and needles every week.

If anyone has experience navigating these issues it would be great to hear from you.


Re: Japan Heathcare/Medication Query

Posted: 26 Sep 2022, 06:46
by kaludon209
I think the medical system in Korea is more costly than in Japan. In Japan, in principle, the patient pays 30% of the actual cost. It varies depending on income, but patients between the ages of 70 and 75 pay 20%, and patients over 75 pay 10% depending on their income.

In Korea, there is no difference in the amount depending on age, so the elderly have to pay the same as the working-age population. In addition, in cases where hospitalization or surgery is required at a large hospital, the co-payment is as high as 50-60%. In Korea, the more specialized a hospital is, the higher the consultation fee becomes.

Re: Japan Heathcare/Medication Query

Posted: 02 Nov 2022, 16:54
by DCoop
Thanks for the info.