Should I choose the CELTA course?

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Should I choose the CELTA course?

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I am a qualified Maths teacher (Maths degree, PGCE, QTS) with 8 years experience in secondary schools. I have done some TEFL in my gap year after university and speak some German (C1) and Polish (B1). There are a lot of EFl students where I live so I would really like to switch to TEFL full-time, and I'm pretty certain I can get a job if/when qualified.

So my question is...which course should I choose? The CELTA looks good but seems to repeat some parts of my PGCE. Or what do you think of the courses offered by

Thank you so much for any help you can provide.
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Re: Should I choose the CELTA course?

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It may cover some similar content to your PGCE, it will provide you with the specific skills and knowledge needed for teaching English as a foreign language. As for the courses offered by, it would be beneficial to research and compare the course content, reputation, and reviews before making a decision. YourTexasBenefits Login
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Re: Should I choose the CELTA course?

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