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English Teaching Programs in Japan

Posted: 19 Jun 2021, 17:58
by Sunshine82
Hi, all. Does anyone have any recommendations for some of the best teaching programs in Japan?

I'm currently teaching English in Spain, but I'm looking forward to moving to Japan next. I have 2 years of experience teaching Spanish teenagers and adults plus 6 months of experience online tutoring Japanese students of various ages. I have a BA and TEFL degree.

My preference is working with adults in a program that is flexible with its weekly work hours. Flexibility in teaching destations is appreciated, too. I'm open to whether this is one-on-one tutoring or classroom teaching. Thanks for your feedback!

Re: English Teaching Programs in Japan

Posted: 07 Jul 2021, 12:27
by kellanfarday
Coincidentally, I've also been looking to teach in Japan! Here are some of the resources that could help you! By the way, which city or province do you look forward to teach in?

SOURCES ... n-programs ... s-in-japan

Re: English Teaching Programs in Japan

Posted: 07 Jul 2021, 15:19
by Sunshine82
Hi, Kellan. Thanks for sharing those resources.

I'd like to go somewhere like Shizuoka that is cheaper to live in but close to big cities. I want that mix of nature and city living.

How about you? What programs are you leaning towards and why?

Re: English Teaching Programs in Japan

Posted: 09 Jul 2021, 09:31
by kellanfarday
Hello, Sunshine!

Shizuoka sounds great! (same here, I want a mix of country and city living) I've always been in love with the Kansai region because of its food, attractions, and festivals so it's either Kyoto or Osaka. Outside of Kansai, Fukuoka too! Tokyo is intensely competitive for teaching positions.

I'm leaning towards the JET Program as it was highly recommended by a colleague of mine when she was a fresh teaching graduate. The reason for this is they are experienced with handling teachers from around the world, so they can guide you when it comes to government processes and the like. According to her, JIEC is great if you like to work with kids (she got to teach the kindergartens where they wear cute yellow hats like in anime) and and Interac is a good follow-up for JET once you're more experienced.

P.S. You're going to be accepted for sure with both a TEFL certification and a BA. Just be prepared for the interview! Here are the commonly asked questions:

Re: English Teaching Programs in Japan

Posted: 14 Jul 2021, 06:05
by Sobujhossai
really good idea.