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The China Foreign Teachers Union Spam Satire (Part 3)

Posted: 19 Apr 2021, 19:22
by John V55
Part 3 in a trilogy of satire exposing an illegal China union, its volunteer foreign teacher spammers and the murky world behind the CFTU click baits. Laugh as CTFU feigns outraged indignation and smile as its members express surprise and pile in to defend CFTU amid an avalanche of spammy links. Enjoy.


Go Suckers Newsletter – Spring 2021

China TEFL News

The TEFL community reacts with laughter as Ruqqus bans the Chinese Foreign Teachers Union and its associates for spamming.

"The following guilds have been banned for generating large amounts of spam … This list may be added to as we finish nuking this spam ring." (My bold).

This follows the shocking revelation of associate ChinaScamPatrol also previously being banned from reddit for … Spamming.

Asked to comment by ‘Go Suckers’, an anonymous CFTU spokesperson stated: "It wasn’t us, we never authorized anyone to post click bait spam links in our newsletter and we can’t understand what got us banned on ruqqus and TEFL forums across the Internet."

True or false?

Given the amount of click bait links plus bans for spamming and using the laws of probability, is this person correct?

"I did a lot of posting for them (CFTU) on different websites. They would email me the link to the site and I would post what they included on their email. I also reposted articles they wrote here on opnltter over and over again." ‘Go Suckers’ commented: You mean like you do on

Other TEFL News

The Advertising and Trade Standards Authority recently warned the CFTU against using misleading claims of "Finger lickin’ good, I’m lovin’ it" and "Change you can believe in" as part of its title. A spokesperson for the ATSA said: "We would have no objection to a title of Scammy Click Bait China Foreign Teachers Illegal Union on an Anonymous Web Page." Denouncing the Authority as a TEFL scam recruiter, the CFTU warned its members against believing anything they said, but made no further comment.

CFTU film deal gone wrong

Rumours circulating in the TEFL world are suggesting that the CFTU is negotiating a deal with Warner Bros’ on a forthcoming film entitled, ‘CFTU and the 7 spammers.’ Based around the classic children’s film of "Snow White and the 7 dwarfs", the deal has yet to be confirmed. A previous science fiction film which involved several CFTU members trekking across the length and breadth of China searching for a salary 40 to 60% higher than everyone else’s was a box office flop.

TEFL ghosts, moles and KFC


A 23 year old US TEFL teacher working in a language centre in China and purporting to be a former professor of physics at Harvard complained to ‘Go Suckers’ that he was scammed by the CFTU who promised him that he could earn more as a DIY TEFL Teacher in China than he could working for NASA. His mother told ‘Go Suckers’ reporter John V55: "I knew this would happen. He got involved with this CFTU cult and couldn’t stop talking about moles and ghosts and how the whole world were TEFL scam recruiters. I’m just glad he’s safely back home now having learned his lesson."

CFTU declined to comment, but sent ‘Go Suckers’ a list of 27 reddit pages that advised TEFL teachers to wear a woolly jumper in the winter and warned that Colonel Sanders at KFC might be a possible China TEFL mole recruiter.

TEFL lost and found

‘Go Suckers’ issues a red flag warning as missing CFTU spammers are found hiding on


The Chinese Foreign Teachers Union members missing in China since February 2021 have been found spamming click bait links on after an investigation by ‘Go Suckers.’ Their location came to light after they contacted CFTU and in a thread, CFTU announced:
"Our 7 members sent us here …" viewtopic.php?f=21&p=21918#p21918

CFTU deny their members posted anything on and claim it was probably a scam recruiter endorsing the CFTU and told ‘Go Suckers’; "We only post on anonymous web pages."

The spammers fight back


"My TEFL colleagues prefer to read the scam warnings and the blacklists put out by the CTA, CFTU, ETA, China Scam Patrol, and …" Well said, except the previously scammed poster on forgot to mention he’s a member of CFTU and some of the sites listed have been banned previously for the amount of spam content they contain.

‘Go Suckers’ 2021 Blacklist

Drum roll please as ‘Go Suckers’ announces its new 2021 Scam Black List. All are confirmed multiple spam and scam sites posting on anonymous Reddit, DocDroid and Word Press pages.


Chinese Foreign Teachers Union
China Teachers Alliance
Expat Teachers Association
China Scam Patrol
China Scam Busters
China Fraud Patrol
China Scam Watch

*NEW* Your Questions Answered by ‘Go Sucker’ Experts

Former TEFL ‘teacher’ David gets grounded by his parents

‘Go Suckers’ recently noticed a post on another website from who we suspect are parents of one of China Foreign Teachers Union members.


"David came to China unaware that he was working illegally on an F visa, and that he was unqualified to work at his originally assigned school because he lacked a college degree."

‘Go Suckers’ can reveal David is the 8th TEFL Wonder of the World and advise him to stay at home and contact his nearest MacDonald’s for possible vacancies.

Performing monkeys invade China disguised as teachers

"If the performing monkeys are now are so stupid they can’t even get a basic TEFL certificate without being scammed, does that mean there will be a continuing shortage of China TEFL teachers, or a huge shortage of stupid."

Here at ‘Go Suckers’ we’re an early warning system for the stupid following the advice of Forest Gump; "Stupid is as stupid does." Currently, there’s currently no shortage of stupid, but a large shortage of teachers and we expect that situation to remain more or less static in the foreseeable future until the PSB weed them out.

The ‘Go Suckers’ Spring 2021 Newsletter Editorial

How the China Foreign Teachers Union works

The China Foreign Teachers Union is a scam. Scams are a fraud and although not necessarily involving a financial aspect all contain an intention to mislead or lie to their own advantage. Likewise, Internet spam comes in different varieties, but includes repetitive linking out to the same sites with promises of advice (click bait) which are either misleading in content or result in dead ends.

The CFTU is a part of what is technically termed a ‘link farm.’ That is, a low-quality site usually itself engaged in scams that builds other sites to endorse it and which in turn it links out to and from, giving the impression that it’s popular. Imagine a spider’s web with the CFTU at the centre surrounded by lots of little spiders all cheering it on and you’re on the right track.

Fortunately, by 2011 Google had caught on what was happening and launched what it called its ‘Panda algorithm’ which started to penalize sites for low quality content, including link farming and click bait spam. Penalised over the years for its spam and scam content, the CFTU now has what is probably the lowest website authority on the Internet, but continues to insist it’s an authority on China TEFL with a huge membership.

The CFTU sells dreams often based on fantasies. No different from the scam recruiters they’re warning against. The purpose is recruitment, the promises are the bait and the multitude of links are the sales technique. Those searching through the myriad of links will never discover the name of the school(s) offering a 30 to 40% higher salary, or a whitelist of top-tier universities doubling as private TEFL providers. Just as with certain recruiters, scratch the surface and warnings begin to appear.

"I later found out, from my new employer, that they had paid the China Foreign Teacher's Union 5000 rmb for them to find me. Further, the China Foreign Teacher's Union had lied to my new boss by making me a fake Master's Degree in photoshop and stretching the details of my resume."

"If you are in Beijing or Shanghai, we can introduce you to the lawyer once you send us a copy of your complete unedited contract by electronic scan to legal[at] and he will charge you a f;lat 10,000 yuan fee to nullify your contract without loss of pay, nor visa."

Of course, not all their information is wrong, just as not all recruiters are bad, but is it information to warn not to work on the wrong visa and is it more than just a little misunderstanding if someone agrees to work using a fake qualification?

It’s near impossible to get scammed unless the applicant chooses to enter the employment sector where scams occur and willingly participates. Although that sounds obvious, in response the scammers have developed a whole new market warning people of scams whilst leading them back into them. Having been scammed once, head off to anonymous websites that promote individual greed, ‘whitelists’ and illegal unions that are guaranteed to be swarming with the same scammers.

Around 25% of the information the CFTU members give is simply wrong and they got it from the anonymous sites they’re sending you to. Another 50% will be to a page of links that have nothing to do with the topic. It’s why it’s called spam. The people who spam for the CFTU will remain as anonymous as the links they provide. Questions which challenge misleading claims are either ignored or met with further dead end click bait links and anyone who disagrees becomes a scam recruiter. Those unashamedly lacking in basic morals, focused on greed and often without the minimum of qualifications required or fake copies is the reason their employer first scammed them and then threw them to the wolves. The employers already know they are not teachers and at the bottom end of the business TEFL market are used only as long as they serve a purpose.

There are no China TEFL ‘experts’, but as in every walk of life there are those who will take advantage of and seek to exploit the gullible and/or foolish. By its own admission, the CFTU membership is comprised of those who previously, or even currently work illegally and use that as experience to warn against other of, but lead them into the same greed and often misleading ‘information’ that resulted in them being scammed previously.

These are the CFTU members and spammers who believe Inner Mongolia is in the artic (arctic) circle and suggest kicking a chair on the way out of a director’s office if he doesn’t agree to an inflated salary will get you what you want. They’re the people who sign contracts they can’t read and click bait you to white lists hidden behind a paywall, whilst directing you to high paying teaching jobs in top-tier International schools that only hire fully qualified teachers, not certificate holders. At this level of knowledge and often deceit it’s a wonder they even found their way to China! They’re the minority individual stupid who found a collective home in the CFTU, where no doubt the PSB knowing who they are will be keeping them on a list as they start to clear out the rubbish they’ve allowed to build up in the private scam sector of Chinese TEFL. If the CFTU have your location and contact details be 100% sure so have the PSB.

And finally a warning: Like any suspicious scam site proceed with caution. If you’ve been clicking on the bait it’s leading you to for heaven’s sake don’t click on the pop-ups to install updated software, promises to scan your computer for viruses, or log in with your email or Face Book password to access content! After each session run a quick malware scan.

If you’ve enjoyed our satirical (Part 3) newsletter look at spammers and scammers, don’t forget to read the other two that make up the trilogy.

The China Foreign Teachers Union Spam Satire

The China Foreign Teachers Union Spam Satire (Part 2)

Re: The China Foreign Teachers Union Spam Satire (Part 3)

Posted: 19 Apr 2021, 19:50
by Vagabond

For those really interested in the OP, be aware that John was outed as an online stealth recruiter about a month ago viewtopic.php?f=18&t=9042 and has since been on a mission to smear the CFTU who blacklisted him under another name. Anyone on this forum who now disagrees with John gets promptly labeled as a "CFTU SPAMMER" even though the CFTU addressed him and his allegations directly twice before. To be brief and to the point, John has been asked twice before, and now a third time. If the CFTU is spamming, what exactly are they selling and for how much?

I only know the CFTU because my partner volunteered for them for three years (2014-2017) and as a subscriber to their FREE monthly newsletter. As far as I have always known, the CFTU has never sold anything in their 12 year history. So I want John to explain WTF are they selling since even their membership is free. And as you can read for yourself, this is what the CFTU told John the first time viewtopic.php?f=21&t=8951 I personally now think old John is out for revenge for being outed, and I am sure it is not the first, nor the last time the CFTU will have to deal with those they have exposed online. As always I speak only for myself and not a member of any organization in China, including the CFTU.

Re: The China Foreign Teachers Union Spam Satire (Part 3)

Posted: 19 Apr 2021, 20:06
by John V55
‘Laugh as CTFU feigns outraged indignation and smile as its members express surprise and pile in to defend CFTU amid an avalanche of spammy links. Enjoy.’

The link has nothing to do with me. To answer the question of what CFTU is selling, you need to read the thread. ‘The China Foreign Teachers Union is a scam. Scams are a fraud and although not necessarily involving a financial aspect all contain an intention to mislead or lie to their own advantage.’

"I later found out, from my new employer, that they had paid the China Foreign Teacher's Union 5000 rmb for them to find me. Further, the China Foreign Teacher's Union had lied to my new boss by making me a fake Master's Degree in photoshop and stretching the details of my resume."

"If you are in Beijing or Shanghai, we can introduce you to the lawyer once you send us a copy of your complete unedited contract by electronic scan to legal[at] and he will charge you a f;lat 10,000 yuan fee to nullify your contract without loss of pay, nor visa." That's from the CFTU itself.

You know CFTU because it publicly outed you as a member amongst several others recently. I was writing about the CFTU long before the usual poster attacks which is a feature of CFTU and its spammers so it doesn’t really bother me. Why would I believe anything an organization says that has just been banned on ruqqus for spamming? The amount of work you’re putting in here you start demanding CFTU pay you; it must be a near full time job. :)

Re: The China Foreign Teachers Union Spam Satire (Part 3)

Posted: 19 Apr 2021, 23:53
by Vagabond

You need a new pair of glasses John I think I told you 4 or 5 times already, I am not now, nor ever was a CFTU member, but if I was , I think I would be proud to be on the team that has exposed almost 400 scam artists in the last 12 years. It is my fiance that actually did volunteer with them for three years about 5 years ago.

And once again you still have not told me what the CFTU is selling since you rant about they are spamming (even though they only post 4 posts on TEFL,net in all the years they've been around). I have asked you 3 times to identify what they are selling, yet you fail to answer. How convenient John Also, in every scam I ever saw their is a victim who lost money or their identity. You make allegation but you failed to identify a single victim!. Only you and you alone make these false claims and only after they outed you as a black recruiter preying on visitors to TEFL net. You even quote yourself and link to your own links as if others support you spurious claim. I recall that CFTU twice directly answered questions you raised and you simply ignored their explanation and continued your defensive rant.

At first i gave you the benefit of the doubt and assumed you were just passing along some rumor you may have heard (just as I did two years ago) But after other users gave you the comments of 60 TEFL teachers who actually had interfaced with the CFTU, I thought you would realize you were misinformed. But when you ignored these links and even the CFTU's reply to you, it became obvious you simply are not interested in the truth, you just want revenge against the people who screwed up your income stream. ... ftu_china/ ... ftu_china/

You misled everyone to believe you were still teaching in China when in fact you left years ago, yet you have the balls to tell all ovus still in China what current salaries are. Like every other recruiter you low ball everyone, and the when you were confronted with sixteen sources that proved you were wrong including 4 newspapers, the BBC, Forbes, etc. you just change the subject without admitting you were wrong. You posted your old tourist photos online as if they proved something. All they proved is that you were in China at some point in your life. In my eyes, I can no longer cut you any slack and must assume the others were right about. I hope the CFTU finds out your real name and sues you for libel and slander. Maybe we will see your real name soon at scams, because IMO it certainly belongs there. If and when you answer the questions you were asked above and in previous posts, I will reconsider what you have to say, but your red herrings are getting annoying. Stick to the facts John.


Re: The China Foreign Teachers Union Spam Satire (Part 3)

Posted: 20 Apr 2021, 07:24
by John V55
You’re missing the point Vagabond, it shouldn’t really matter to you what I write, it’s not for you, it’s for others that aren’t CFTU members. It’s for people searching the Internet for advice and something for them to consider. CFTU have already said they were sent here by its members, you know, the ones spamming out to it and its associated links, or have I got that wrong and the CFTU members are keeping low and you’re doing the spamming for them? Just a thought Vagabond, but why do your posts contain the same content and format of the CFTU ones? Is it just a coincidence?

I’m able to point people to posts full of never ending click bait that only come from half a dozen of you. I’m able to say this kind of spamming for the CFTU has happened previously on and ended when live clicks were banned. The CFTU only operates where it’s allowed to post links because that’s its sole purpose. I’m able to point to a site that has banned the CFTU and its associates for spamming … The CFTU itself doesn’t need to engage in what you’re doing, you and its members do if for them and are able to say it has nothing to do with them. And me? I must be a conspiracy theorist and a recruiter.

There’s no conspiracy theory as those who have clicked on the link bait you provide end up not getting promised information but are led into a world of scammy links and anonymous web pages. Yes Vagabond it’s that obvious, as is the fact that the CFTU and its associated spam pages have a worse reputation on the Internet than even the worst scam recruiters. When an anonymous web page that promotes itself as an authority on China TEFL has a Google authority of 0.2/100 that speaks for itself.

You really believe that you should be warning people not to sign contracts they can’t read, or promoting the idea that their salaries should be more than anyone else’s? How old do you think the average age of a TEFL teacher is? Although I’ve been the lone voice posting which will soon stop as I’ve achieved my aim of getting this exposed to a wider audience both here and on the Internet, do you think members aren’t aware of what you and your fellow CFTU members are promoting?

In my opinion is making a big mistake in allowing you back to spam. Of course, in the short term it pushes up post counts and gets wider publicity on the Internet, but it’s the wrong kind of publicity. A warning from Ruqqus springs to mind as it banned CFTU and its associated Expat Teachers Association, China Teachers Alliance and China Scam Patrol. You know, the sites with the same purpose and click bait you’re using. ‘The intent behind the rules is to avoid this community devolving into the toxic brew of shit at other TEFL forums …’ Ruqqus knew who was behind it and didn’t just ban the members, they also banned the organizations behind it. In other words, they stopped it before it got out of hand, as previously did.

Having said that I’ll say to the genuine members of, don’t be intimidated by these spammers, their only response will be to accuse you of being a recruiter. Sure, expose scam recruiters if you’ve been affected by them, but don’t complain too much if you signed a contract you couldn’t read, worked on the wrong visa and used fake qualifications yourself. Also expose those who promise you information, but whose sole purpose is to lead you into the arms of an illegal union.

If you willingly choose to work at the bottom end of the TEFL sector run by businesses promising you the earth, don’t be surprised when you enter a world of scams.

Having said all that I’ll now slow down and let the spammers take over which seems to be the recent shrug of the shoulders attitude of Read their posts, follow some of the click bait and then read my signature line and decide for yourselves.

Re: The China Foreign Teachers Union Spam Satire (Part 3)

Posted: 20 Apr 2021, 12:34
by Vagabond

For the 4th time John, you still have not answered the Questions asked by users:

1) What is the CFTU selling and for how much?

2) Name a real victim and how much did they lose.

And fuck yes, I care about what you write because you lie through your teeth. Months ago we had a discussion and you know damn well 70% of my teaching is private tutoring and 30% is corporate training. THIS IS THE TOP OF TEACHING LADDER IN CHINA - NOT THE BOTTOM as you keep saying. It took me 8 years to to this level and I just registered my own WOFE and will complete my Masters in Education at Beijing Normal in 2 months. I earn over 30 rmb a month without week-end work, yet despite what I consider to be professional success and my efforts to help other teachers in China replicate my path, you keep telling them "Don't be greedy - work at a public school" which everyone knows pays the least in China. And now that you were recently outed as a recruiter for public schools, we now understand why you keep pushing the public schools!

And, no John it is NOT greedy to earn as much as you can working for legitimate employers. Professional ambition is not Greed.

Greed is what you TEFL recruiters suffer from as Cricket explained quite well IMO. In fact, user Prometheus did the math in another forum as I cut and paste verbatim beloow...

Re: The China Foreign Teachers Union Spam Satire (Part 2)

Post by Prometheus » 17 Apr 2021, 09:05

I'd be willing to bet that every black market visa, job, and recruiter agent outed by the CFTU over the last 10 years has probably posted a similar post as this OP. I did a little math... Let's say an online forum recruiter snags just one victim per week with a job placement that pays the teacher 15,000 rmb a month. That means the real monthly allocation is 20,000 rmb and the recruiter and principal split the other 5,000 equally (the norm in China). That means the recruiter rakes in 30,000 rmb just from that one victim. Now multiply by 52 and you can see why these recruiter blokes hate the CFTU. So mate, I would not be surprised if one of these agents, actually torched the office of the CFTU in Beijing. They are causing them to lose 1.5 million rmb a year!


Now just imagine the referral fees they collect for sending them to a certain TEFL course, or selling their resume and passport scans to an identity thief for $500 each, or to a resume broker for $100 a pop! These scumbags are raking it in while making the lives of thousands of expats miserable. Seriously, going direct to employers is the only safe way to bag a job in China.