The China Foreign Teachers Union Spam Satire (Part 2)

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Re: The China Foreign Teachers Union Spam Satire (Part 2)

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The thread isn’t about me, it’s about a scam organization. I didn’t ask for you to come on here and spend your time link baiting. I do comment on it though. People will read what I say, here and on google and they will also read your spammy click baits. Let them make their own minds up?

If Joe wishes to allow a click bait link farm to operate on his forum he’s perfectly entitled to do so. Equally, he’s perfectly entitled to stop me exposing it, but while I’m able, I will expose both you CFTU members here and the scam organization you’re involved in. It’s not for my benefit, it’s so that the unwary don’t end up in the same mess you got yourself into and that you’re leading them into. If what I’m saying is a crazy conspiracy and lies, people will judge that for themselves.
Before following CFTU click baits take a quick look at ... scammed-me
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Re: The China Foreign Teachers Union Spam Satire (Part 2)

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By the same token John, I will support anyone and everyone who exposes online recruiters disguised as "Helpful" fellow teachers and I urge all my teacher colleagues to stop thinking only the Chinese will scam you. Watch this video to see what I am talking about...
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