A Teaching Career in Japan - Yes/No?

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A Teaching Career in Japan - Yes/No?

Unread post by john3232 » 18 Dec 2020, 03:50

I taught in the Tokyo area for 33 years. The first 10 years in language schools and the rest teaching p/t in universities. I retired a few years ago and my wife and I moved to the States.

Would I recommend a career teaching English in Japan? No. If you want to teach for a couple of years great... then get out. The teaching trap is easy to fall into. You arrive in Japan and wake up 10 years later in a grind going nowhere.

Teaching at Japanese universities saved me... but this path has become increasing more difficult to trudge. Today competition for such jobs is strong and qualifications strict. (An MA degree in TESOL and three publications gets to the starting gate).

Now, not saying it can't be done because I did it.

However, you'll have to constantly hustle and will need at least 18-20 uni. classes a week to earn a decent income. I never taught less than 25 classes a week and usually with 6-9 different universities. I did this for 23 years

Retirement? The only gaijin university professors I knew who had a retirement plan in place were those with a full time position, a spouse with money or like me... worked like crazy jumping from job to job for a couple of decades. The rest will be find themselves in trouble come 70 which is the retirement age for many universities.

Wages haven't move upward in years and with so many looking for teaching gig today universities could require the teachers to help clean the bathrooms... and many would say yes.

In any event the best of luck if you decide to give it a go.

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Re: A Teaching Career in Japan - Yes/No?

Unread post by JamesKonrik » 18 Jan 2021, 11:46

I think its very good chance for you, and for sure experience

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