Realistic Chinese TEFL Salaries

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Re: Realistic Chinese TEFL Salaries

Unread post by John V55 » 26 Feb 2021, 09:14

CTA, another anonymous link stuffed page on reddit. Anyone can just as easily go on sites like reddit, call themselves The TEFL Meister and put one up themselves.

China $31K pa (¥30,949 pm) for a TEFL? In somewhere like Beijing or Shanghai, find your own accommodation and pay your own utilities? Yes possible, but certainly a scam anywhere else.

I don’t ask anyone to believe what I say. What I ask is for a list of schools paying huge salaries for a non-qualified teacher with a TEFL certificate and the spammers promoting these anonymous pages will simply ignore that. Just as the links will send you around in circles, so each of the spammers here will take turns in posting one after another.

It’s for each individual to find their own job they’re comfortable with and not get drawn into the world of scams the spammers are leading them into.

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Re: Realistic Chinese TEFL Salaries

Unread post by Cricket » 26 Feb 2021, 19:04



This post poses a threat to the income stream and profits of every shady job agent and TEFL recruiter who skim as much as 40% of every teacher's salary by never allowing the teachers to know what their true salaries are. They are called skimmers and along with corrupt principals they violate Chinese law which says that "no more than "one month's salary" But since they always quote you low-ball salaries you will think and believe that the low public school salary of our Mongolian man John is normal all over China. This old article seems humorous but it is absolutely true... ... principal/

Also here are three more very credible sources who agree with the CTA, CFTU, Huffington Post, The Telegraph, Forbes, ECA International, ETA, SalaryExplorer, BBC, ETA, China Daily, Global Times and two of them even cite salaries that are even higher and say the average salary of an expat in China today is $86,000 to $276,000 per annum (the latter if you are bi-lingual). BUT again, these are salaries of REAL QUALIFIED TEACHERS WITH VERIFIABLE DEGREES AND TEACHING EXPERIENCE. ... -for-work/ ... ic-outlook ... 2_IN48.htm ... -packages/

So, now all of the below entities with offices and years of experience in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, and other 1st Tier cities of China have now proven Mongolia John dead wrong, yet he remains in denial because he will no longer be able to recruit dumb gullible newbies to go work for his public school friends in Mongolia.



China Teachers Alliance

China Daily Newspaper

Forbes Magazine

The Telegraph Newspaper


Expat Teachers Association

ECA International

Global Times Newspaper

China Foreign Teachers Union

So either Mongolia John prefers the convenience and comfort of denial, or he is just out of touch and not current on his research since he has not provided us with a single source that support his claims.
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Re: Realistic Chinese TEFL Salaries

Unread post by Prometheus » 28 Feb 2021, 22:22

I can understand why all those big TEFL agencies and the individual recruiters hate that someone posted the real salaries for everyone to see. Those who know the truth obviously will not fall for those bogus low-ball salaries they try to tell us are "normal" for China. I also found this to be very interesting and especially this one: ... 0d6f36b-en
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Re: Realistic Chinese TEFL Salaries

Unread post by Blue Moon » 01 Mar 2021, 14:19

I never thought I would see the day that Laowai were actually trying to sneak INTO China! I actually met some refugees from the Ukraine and Serbia that paid $1,000 each to take a boat into Taizhou just too teach as fake Americans! Sooner or later they will get caught, but at least they will make some decent money for their families.

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