Scam Alert! A HUGE ESL & TEFL Job Board To Avoid...?

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Scam Alert! A HUGE ESL & TEFL Job Board To Avoid...?

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My resume and business email address are all over the Internet, I purposely use them as self-promotion and it’s what gets me the offers. Hot on its heels are the attempted scams which go with them. I’ve lost count of the Nigerian princesses that want to marry me, business propositions and warnings that my email will be shut down if I don’t click the attached link. Most of them have already done the rounds and Yahoo kindly put them into my spam folder before I even get to read them.

There’s no such thing as real and safe, there’s only gut feelings based on knowledge and experience. If every recruiter was a bad one and if everyone involved in TEFL was scammed, there would be no foreigners left here in China. The truth is, it’s a minority who have a bad experience and then search the Internet and say, ‘see, I told you so’. I think I’ll have to do an article on this, as really guys, if you get a reputable recruiter instead of the riff raff that prey on the unwary, it’s a different world altogether from the negative tales that haunt the Internet.

What’s a resume broker? Hey, I’d sell them mine if it wasn’t already available for free. Your online resume should never have more than an email address on it – no date of birth, phone number or address and simply an abbreviation of your name, or a professional one. The only way you can get scammed is if you provide the details for someone to do that.
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Re: Scam Alert! A HUGE ESL & TEFL Job Board To Avoid...?

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One good idea is to use a disposable email address and a Google "Voice" number or a disposable Skype number only for the purpose of applying for jobs as an expat or even back home. And I further suggest that you do not put your full name on your resume OR deliberately mispell your last name. For example if you are Robert L. Johnson, Use the name Bob M. Johnston. This will prevent the REAL YOU from becoming a victim of identity theft or spammed to deaths. Only when you are dealing with a school that is verifiable with a website and a land-line should you fix your "spelling mistake". Lastly you will be asked for scan of your passport but only send a black and white copy and never let anyone have a color photo or scan of your face unless it is a profile photo. Why? read these two links: and
Before taking any teaching job in China make a quick visit over to and so your dream job does not become a nightmare.
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