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Lesson Planning??

Posted: 07 Sep 2006, 20:38
by LittleRaquel
hello :D , i'm new :) ....i'm studing english for being a teacher :roll: and i have a question :?: about the lesson plans , its structures and all about it ...please any information about it i will thank you



Posted: 22 Sep 2006, 01:33
by ForumAngel
Here's how I plan lessons...

First of all, please note that I don't like following textbooks lesson by lesson so I end up creating my own lessons (even though I sometimes use textbooks as a guide or resource for the students).

When I first started planning lessons, I used a lesson plan form that helped my organize my thoughts and plan my day. So, on the form I listed all of the goals for the day, skills to be taught, etc. I then outline each activity with the approximate time it would take to do it, what materials would be needed for each activity and how the students would demonstrate their new skills/knowledge.

This was a great help to me because I had everything down on paper and knew exactly what to do next and what materials to set out for the day.

Here are a few do's to help you get started.

Do plan more than you think you'll get through. You can always cut something out or move it to another day if you want. Filling empty time at the end of a class period is sometimes difficult.

Do build an extra day or two into your semester or term because there will be interruptions to your schedule whether it's a school assembly or simply needing more time than you anticipated to finish a project or unit.

Do remember to have fun with your students. If a lesson seems boring to you it will probably be exponentially more boring to your students.

Kind regards,
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