China contract liquidated damages questions

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China contract liquidated damages questions

Unread post by Fzawi88 » 25 Oct 2020, 14:37

Hello everyone! So about 7 years ago I was teaching in China, and have been teaching in Europe ever since. I got an email from my old boss recently asking if I wanted to come back to my old job in China, and if I did she would pay my "liquidated damages" for me.
I'm trying to work out exactly what that means, I don't remember anyone ever talking about liquidated damages.. Does it mean I broke a part of my contract? Or did I damage something in my flat? I don't remember anything dramatic happening, except I was allowed to leave a month early because the school was being renovated so they didn't need an extra teacher, so they offered that to all the teachers and I said yes because I was a bit homesick, and I thought the contract was modified so i could leave early with no ramifications. I'm not pursuing it with my old boss because i don't want to go back to that company, but for future reference if I wanted to teach in a different company in China would having "liquidated damages" from another contract from years ago prevent me from getting a job/visa?
Any advice appreciated :)

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