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Unfortunately, this is not the wizarding world...

Posted: 09 Sep 2020, 19:18
by ironmathyu5
This is the closest analogy I can think of. In the fifth Harry Potter book, Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, the Ministry of Magic refuses to admit that Voldemort has returned. Hogwarts starts the school year as normal despite a student being murdered the previous year. The Ministry ignores disappearances and explains away all the dark things happening, uses whataboutism and controls the media narrative to push blame on Dumbledore for a lot of the bad things happening. In the end, Voldemort literally has to be standing in front of the Minister of Magic in the Ministry HQ in order for them to be shaken out of it. Then, things start to mobilize, the Minister resigns in disgrace and the wizarding world generally accepts that Voldemort is, in fact, back.