really general novice questions

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really general novice questions

Unread post by nate » 04 Sep 2006, 09:33

I'd like to get some of your opinions and advice here.

I'm a 24 year old US native, and, as I'm currently unemployed with a visual arts degree, and increasingly impatient parents, I've been faced with the issue of having to find a job. Since I'm pretty good with the English language, that brings me to here!

So...I realise that I could read the FAQ and everything, but I'd just like to know from someone personally, who has some real teaching experience. What is your advice for someone just starting out, with no teaching experience at all? Where should I look? What should I look out for? I'm trying to find a job with basic health insurance, where I can live independently if modestly. That is realistic, no?

I've trained to be a digital artist and have some basic level arabic knowledge, if this gives you an idea of where I am right now. Appreciate any help you can give me...:)

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Unread post by ForumAngel » 22 Sep 2006, 01:36

My recommendation would be getting a TEFOL certificate.

I believe a TEFL certificate is invaluable and will certainly help getting a job, not to mention what you will learn that will make you a better teacher.

Also TEFL is recognised the world.

Even someone with a PGCE (post-grad qualification to become a teacher) would benefit from a TEFL because you learn the specifics of teaching English.
You also learn how to handle multi-national classes where you cannot explain anything in the mother tongue, but have to use diagrams and actions to get your message or concept across. For example, learning how to explain verbs using time lines is very useful.

The chances are you'll learn some things about the English language you were only subconsciously aware of, and you look at the language with a view to teaching it, not just knowing it as your native tongue.

So all in all, well worth getting the qualification!

Good Luck!

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