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Have you tried to earn while travelling?

Posted: 12 Aug 2019, 01:49
by HomebasedTch
This is Waylon from England,I travelled over thirties countries alone without taking much money with me.When it comes to TeacherRecord,there are many stories to tell,anyway i found part time job there if i stayed a place at a short time,sometimes for full time job when i wanted to stay at a beautiful site.Especially the online teaching,wherever i went,i told my Chinese students what i saw and what i heared,sometimes i will try a broadcast room to make a live.In this case,i earned money to keep travelling,my students improved their oral English and also learned more about the world.
Any one travelled a lot would consider to go back home or stay one nation to live or work.Right now i work on TeacherRecord in China.To be honest,i didn't have much to keeping discovering,maybe when i earn enough,i will make thirties to forties,fifties...
So what do you say?Have you tried this when your pocket is empty?

Re: Have you tried to earn while travelling?

Posted: 14 Aug 2019, 10:58
by Hamid12345
Hi there,
So nice information about earn with travellig i have so much fond of travelling and i want to know all over the world, the way i tried to earn with travel is, i created a blog named and put my knowledge there, by the time passage i earned from there and that was really good experience for me.