Reasons for doing TEFL course

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Reasons for doing TEFL course

Unread post by Sellonana » 20 Jul 2006, 13:11

Hi everyone! First post! I’ve just finished uni (and don’t want to start working yet!), and I’m considering my options. I’m thinking about doing a TEFL course, and was wondering what motivated you to do it. Any info/advice would be great, thanks!

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Unread post by ruth1966 » 20 Jul 2006, 15:41

Good for you that you are thinking about getting some training ! Many people don't - but those who do find the work MUCH easier - and are much happier with their jobs.Any additional training or skills you might have or demonstrate can only help you in landing a good job.
For me, the motivating factor was that I wanted to be confident of doing the job as a skilled professional.
When considering a course - probably the best way to decide is to sit in on the course for at least half a day. This will give you the real feel of the course, its content, and its instructor(s). Also consider taking the course in the country in which you intend to teach in.
Hope this helps !

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Unread post by ForumAngel » 09 Oct 2006, 00:17

I believe a TEFL certificate is invaluable and will certainly help getting a job, not to mention what you will learn that will make you a better teacher.

Also TEFL is recognised the world.

Even someone with a PGCE (post-grad qualification to become a teacher) would benefit from a TEFL because you learn the specifics of teaching English.
You also learn how to handle multi-national classes where you cannot explain anything in the mother tongue, but have to use diagrams and actions to get your message or concept across. For example, learning how to explain verbs using time lines is very useful.

The chances are you'll learn some things about the English language you were only subconsciously aware of, and you look at the language with a view to teaching it, not just knowing it as your native tongue.

So all in all, well worth getting the qualification!

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