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New to teaching - please help

Posted: 21 Jul 2016, 10:17
by Jamesjaume
Hi guys and gals,

I´m new to this forum and and really hoping I can get some help from experienced teachers.

I am just starting out in the world of teacher and have an interview for a language school in Barcelona. The interview will include a 30 minute conversation class with B2 students.

Any tips or tricks would be greatly appreciated.

Many thanks for any help,


Re: New to teaching - please help

Posted: 23 Jul 2016, 17:05
by footballmad
Need much more info about your interview / the class before I can offer any help.
If you really don't have any more info at all about your interview, then I'd dump them PDQ and find a decent school.

Re: New to teaching - please help

Posted: 26 Jul 2016, 07:38
by Eric Rom
Hey James!
I'm new to the forum too, but over a year into ESL teaching and training writers now. ... tcomes.pdf
I found this pdf which I hope helps you to understand the level of understanding the B2 students have.

All the Best!