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First steps

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Yes, it's another one of those "thinking about teaching overseas, what do I do?" posts. But I will try to cram as much information in as possible.

So about me. 32 year old male and a British born native with (I'm told) a good standard of English. I am often complimented on how clearly I speak and how well I write. I'm not sure if I have any long term health issues, but I do have some sort of heart condition. I saw a specialist and he told me that nothing is wrong, worst case scenario is it'll be something I need to keep an eye on in old age.

Education wise I do have a Bachelor's degree in Multimedia. The thing is I am looking into standard teacher training as well, and as part of that I'll be going back to college in September to get my maths and english GCSE's back up to par. I have also completed a BTEC level 3 course in education and training but waiting on results.

I don't have much in the way of teaching or classroom experience. I am sort of self employed as a computer tutor but I'm not exactly giving lessons or following a curriculum. I am also an active volunteer in the local community. I spend a few hours every week at a computer club to help people get started with tech, and I used to help out in the library for their starter course. More recently I have begun some volunteering at my local academy, just so I can get some idea of how teaching works before committing. Of course now summer is here I'll likely not be able to return until September.

I don't have a specific place in mind as yet should I decide to go the TEFL route. I'd love to go and see Asia, but South Africa may be more practical. I volunteered out there for a few months some years back and loved the place. It would be great to see it again and I have some idea of what the local culture is like.

So are you still with me? I hope so, it's time for questions!

1) I suppose the obvious question is am I cut out for TEFL? Any alarm bells ringing that I may have missed?
2) The health thing. Now I've written it down it should be something I need to consider, any advice here?
3) Maybe by some miracle someone here happens to know of a TEFL course on offer around the eastern region of the UK. So Chelmsford/Colchester/Ipswich area? I've not been able to find one as yet, and it would be helpful to not have to commute into London.

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Re: First steps

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1. In your thirties, with a degree, so far so good, but . . . You will need a TEFL cert’ and some experience.
2. Do any health issues show up in a medical? If not, you’re good to go.
3. Can’t help you here, I’m in China.

If you choose Asia, you can get a cheap TEFL cert’ in somewhere like Thailand, which is far cheaper than the west. From there, you can do some voluntary work, which is always available, to get the experience. Having got that (and a reference) you have all the requirements to get a paid job.
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Re: First steps

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You seem fine for this. If you are OK with public speaking, working with people, are calm yet decisive and organised and willing to put a lot of time into research and planning and in general like the idea of teaching and and being part of different cultures.

I'm no expert and different places will be different but it doesn't sound alarming.
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