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CELTA+ No Degree

Posted: 01 Feb 2016, 11:57
by Ziggy

I've been doing some research and i think i will try to get CELTA. Problem is, i do not have a degree, yet. I have decided i will try to get one online, but that will take 4 years, so now my question is, how far can i get with a CELTA and no degree?

I know that you cant get work in a public school in some countries without a degree, but what about private schools? what about private lessons? The main problem is obtaining a work permit?

edit: I have to add, i am both American citizen and European citizen. Also does CELTA certification differ in any way from one place or another? Last but not least, i am planning to get a degree in psychology, if i do a maters in English, will that do for places like the middle east?

Thank you in advance!

Re: CELTA+ No Degree

Posted: 01 Feb 2016, 13:24
by Joe
Ziggy wrote:The main problem is obtaining a work permit?
Yes. Although some academic institutions will require a degree, many language schools and even public schools in some countries don't require one. The catch is that in many countries today (but not all) it's the government that wants a degree before issuing a work permit.

If you have a passport from an EU country you may be able to find work in EU countries. With an EU country passport I don't think you need a work permit in any other EU country.

Also, there still are some countries around the world that don't require a degree for work permits, but you'll need to do your homework.

Re: CELTA+ No Degree

Posted: 01 Feb 2016, 14:49
by Ziggy
Thank you very much!

I am so anxious to start studying!! Need to brush up my grammar for CELTA! Ok got to be accepted first. :D

Re: CELTA+ No Degree

Posted: 25 Feb 2016, 09:29
by footballmad
I haven't got a degree and have a CELTA and the Delta. Even when I just had the CELTA, I never had any problem getting teaching work whether in language school, in company or freelance at home. Probably the reason is that I have a commercial management background, and it seems that students/learners of all ages like teachers who have lived and worked in the kind of environment they do, or aspire to. The TEFL world is too full of teachers (and schools) who just bang out lessons according to the book, and then move on.
One thing in your favour with just a CELTA is that TEFL is riddled with very poor quality EFL teachers (and poor quality DoS too), and if you take a real interest in your job (eg developing an understanding of both the teaching and learning processes) you will do well. Bonne courage !

Re: CELTA+ No Degree

Posted: 04 Apr 2016, 08:09
by graemecr
Ziggy I went into EFL with no degree, just a CELTA I won't pretend that some doors remained closed - it can be a very haughty business (in the UK) and of course many schools do have a degree as a requirement. However, through hard work and basically being good at teaching i went from the lowest of the low to being, in various places - senior teacher, teacher trainer, ados, dos operations director academic director.
so it is an impediment but not one you can't overcome, but be prepared to travel and also be prepared to blow your own trumpet.