B2 English

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B2 English

Unread post by Gabisworld » 29 Sep 2015, 21:33

Hello! I have been a teacher for a year and have only taught up to PET. Now I have just started working for a school in Spain and about to start a level B2 class and I have never taught this level before. What am I to expect? My grammar is average and I am worried I won't be able to teach! Maybe it's just nerves but any support and advice would be much appreciated. Thank you! G x

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Re: B2 English

Unread post by Susan » 30 Sep 2015, 10:41

Students have a much better grasp of English at this level.

Why don't you start with part of a test that students do in pairs? Just to see their level.
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Re: B2 English

Unread post by bradyvict » 09 Oct 2015, 12:45

Make that habit read sentences or a news paper in English as much as possible

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