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General Advice to a Newbie

Unread post by fraser_cam » 22 Jun 2015, 17:03

Hi all - just joined the forum today.

I'm a 23 year old who graduated 2 years ago with a B.A in International Business.

I've recently booked onto the 150 hr TEFL and am hoping to secure a teaching position commencing around October/November time. In terms of location, I would be looking to relocate to Asia or South America preferrably but would be open to suggestion, of course.

Not had much teaching training at all really, apart from coaching tennis to kids ages 7 plus and have taken a few football training sessions to older adults.

Whats the best way to gain a teaching position?
What other training do I need apart from the TEFL course?
Is an online course enough to obtain a job?
Location issues?

Just wanting any general advice or people's stories would be greatly appreciated also.


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Re: General Advice to a Newbie

Unread post by footballmad » 07 Jul 2015, 10:41

My General Advice would be: you've got a great degree, but it depends on what your career goals are. If you want a job in Industry & Commerce (ie using your degree), then my advice is don't, ever, go into TEFL. It won't help your career search, nor will it look good on your CV. But, if you would like to teach (EFL) as a career then get the best qualification you can. Just one more tip: TEFL is badly managed all-round and is riddled with dead wood.....but teaching EFL in the classroom is brilliant fun. Something to watch out for is that TEFL becomes addictive !
To answer your specific questions - get a good qualification and apply to the best schools / centres (eg International House, BBSI etc). Aim high. You should be able to get good training in a good school / centre if you have a good DoS and one or two good mentor teachers to help you. If you don't get that, then you aren't in a good school. An online course ? Not sure. Doesn't sound enough to me. Location issues ? Can't help, but I'd get some teaching practice in the UK first if I were you.

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