teaching and going to school in Mid East

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teaching and going to school in Mid East

Unread post by joseph08 » 05 Feb 2015, 23:39

Hi I'm an American (don't hold that against me) and I'm considering getting certified to teach English overseas.
What I'm really asking is this; Given my qualifications (Bachelor's degree from US, 15 years of work experience in banking, teaching English overseas) is it feasible that I could get a teaching job in the Middle East and go to a university while I'm there? I have interest in doing some sort of Mid East policy work in the future and thought this maybe a good way to go about it. Thanks in advance.


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Re: teaching and going to school in Mid East

Unread post by Awalls86 » 08 Feb 2015, 14:52

Generally that region want a CELTA/TrinCert, min. 3 years experience and sometimes a MA.
That said I had a friend who got a job in Saudi straight off his CELTA with only a BA.
Part time jobs don't seem to come up so much, but you may find one if you tell them what you're looking for. I think your best bet would be to sell your banking experience and find a company specialising in ESP courses for the financial sector.
If you can't get PT work, you might be able to earn a tidy enough sum that would support you in study for the second year.
It's worth a try, but I don't think that you will be their ideal candidate.

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Re: teaching and going to school in Mid East

Unread post by serendip » 13 Feb 2015, 11:21

You should get an offer with those credentials. Expect around $3000 inclusive. They are very high on themselves, and don't like it when people try to negotiate a higher salary by the way.

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