Regarding mytefl

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Regarding mytefl

Unread post by rggonzo » 29 Jan 2015, 06:27

So I've been doing quite of bit of research both online and in person. I found my way onto Tho it's comparable to other on location teaching programs. They do offer a paid 5 month internship providing you purchase and complete a 120 online tefl course. I would really like to find someone that has taken this route and for their opinion. Thank you.

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Re: Regarding mytefl

Unread post by Awalls86 » 09 Feb 2015, 02:44

My advice is no, don't do this.
Firstly their certificate does not appear to be worth the paper it's printed on. Make sure you get a CELTA or Trinity Certificate or something that is seen as equivalent. These are more readily recognised the world over, and give you an upper hand as there are still many teachers without these.
In China and Thailand where they are offering Internships, you will not encounter any problems getting a job. And no job will pay as low as the $450 CAD stipend that they offer (2400 RMB). If you got a job paying less than 8000 RMB (which is low as it is) in Beijing then you've really gone wrong somewhere. It depends where you work of course, and how many hours you do. If you're full time you should have at least 12000.
The internship itself means nothing. They'll undoubtedly throw you in a classroom alone and leave you to teach. It is just a fancy way of them saying that you're not paid properly, and I question whether you'd even get the correct legal status.
As for Africa as they are also offering, well you probably won't find much paid work there although it does come up from time to time. If not better to go with a well established charity and volunteer. As a volunteer there would be fairly low expectations, though hopefully you would aim to exceed them, but you would be less criticised for not having a particular qualification as a volunteer. If you go for paid work then again get a CELTA or Trinity (or equivalent).

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Re: Regarding my TEFL

Unread post by serendip » 13 Feb 2015, 11:19

I second that. If you're just doing this short term (that's not the way it usually works out by the way), you can get any TEFL. Most of the time they are needed to satisfy work-permit regulations.

However, if you can afford to get a CELTA that would be the best choice. After teaching abroad you will be able to teach ESL anywhere, including the UK and Canada.

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