Setting up a Language School in France

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Setting up a Language School in France

Unread post by Touraine » 28 Jan 2015, 11:40

I am English and I live in France with my bilingual French wife. I have been here nearly 20 years. I am CELTA qualified but have never used the qualification.

We are looking for a business project and we are considering (amongst others) setting up a language school :) . We buy the premises, kit it out and run the business. We would then like to find a qualified English teacher to do the teaching. We could possibly offer accommodation for the teacher.

We live in a nice student type city and there are a small number of other language schools teaching English.

We are currently looking at premises.

Any advice, suggestions would be welcome on this matter. Would it be difficult to find a teacher to join/help build the business ?

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Re: Setting up a Language School in France

Unread post by Awalls86 » 06 Feb 2015, 03:51

Well typical business advice first - draw up a business plan. Investigate your costs and market. Look at your competitors - how will you compete with them? They are already established, so is it cost, quality, niche courses?
Have you really considered the scale of the project? You want to buy premises and employ 1 teacher? I'm not sure that those financials can really make sense. The teacher needs to earn not only his wages, but an income for you and your wife to pay the mortgage... I think you might want a few teachers, or simply to hire space until you have enough teachers to make buying premises worthwhile.
As for hiring teachers look at tefl jobs boards ( for example) to get an idea for the conditions that french schools are offering. These can be taken into account in your projected financials.
I doubt it would be difficult to find a teacher, but finding one that wants to stay with your business and help you to grow and develop it may be more tricky. I would say you are looking for someone who wants to be in France for the long term, probably retired or doesn't actually need to work. In short, you may well find yourself handling a fair number of management responsibilities which you can't delegate because no teacher remains longer than a year.

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