"pre prep" for on site tefl course...

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"pre prep" for on site tefl course...

Unread post by mlewis71 » 17 Dec 2014, 20:43

So my plan is to leave for Prague come July. 2015. I plan on attending an onsite tefl course there.

This later date allows me to enough time(hopefully) to brush up on grammar, learn how to effectively prepare lesson plans etc. I'm referring to this time here as "pre prepping" for the on site tefl course.

I am giving myself this considerable amount of pre study time because it's been a long time since i've been in school. i don't have a bachelors degree.

Two part question: 1. is there a syllabus,... that i could utilize to further direct me in my studies. I want to have a well balanced, if you will study regimen. I don't want to spend 80% of my time, over the next 6 months solely studying grammar, if i need to study a lot of other things like, preparing lesson plans, utilizing certain technologies to aid in teaching etc.

question 2. Am i putting my cart before the horse? Am i being overly ambitious wanting to study and teach in Prague? Would it be a considerably better idea if I just decided to learn tefl on line and get a teaching gig in Russian some where.

any feed back would be greatly appreciated!

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Re: "pre prep" for on site tefl course...

Unread post by Briona » 18 Dec 2014, 01:14

Hi there,

All courses have a syllabus, but what it covers will depend on which course you're taking. Once you've applied for the course and been accepted, you will probably be sent a pre-course task to complete. You will be shown how to plan lessons on the course, so there's really no need to try learning that before then. Nonetheless, if you wanted to familiarise yourself with key terminology and methodology, you could do worse than read The Practice of English Language Teaching (Jeremy Harmer) and/or Learning Teaching (Jim Scrivener).

As I said on your other thread, while a degree is not necessarily a requirement for working in Prague, many schools will still expect you to have one. You should still be able to find work somewhere though. I wouldn't advise getting an online TEFL certificate. An increasing number of schools point-blank refuse to accept them and, without a degree, you'd just be shooting yourself in the foot.

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Re: "pre prep" for on site tefl course...

Unread post by pauldev » 14 Jan 2015, 03:28


I would highly reccommend doing the CELTA..doing it on location rather than an on-line course.

It will give you a good foundation.

I'm a Director of Education from the UK with 12 years experience and that's how I started. It really helped me. You will also learn so much more when you are in the classroom.

If you would like some support with teacher training and a range of efl materials that you will be able to use alongside course books in the classroom environment, please have a look at the following collection. All of the materials have been designed by me and used on many occassions with great success. Students find them very interesting and useful. The teacher training package can also give you a good framework on which to build your efl career.


Best wishes and good luck!

Paul Devenny

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