Giving dictation

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Giving dictation

Unread post by northerngirl » 23 Nov 2014, 13:36

Hi, I'd like some advice on giving dictation. When learning new vocabulary, what is the best way to give dictation,should I give the student the word in English and ask them to write it and give a definition in Greek, or should I give them the word in Greek and have them write the word in English?

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Re: Giving dictation

Unread post by pauldev » 18 Jan 2015, 04:50


You could try running dictation.

Put the student in pairs
Give them 10 sentences which includes language they have learnt
One person sits down with a piece of paper and a pen
The other person reads one sentence from a chair which is opposite
The student tries to remember it and then goes across to dictate it to his/her partner.
The partner writes it down.
The process continues and then after 5 sentences they change around
After the exercise they compare their answers to the original sheet.

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