Picking a TEFL course with an English Degree

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Picking a TEFL course with an English Degree

Unread post by jwilliam90 » 19 Nov 2014, 13:36


I'm considering my options for a TEFL course as I want to travel to Japan to teach. I was considering both 120 hr online courses which include a weekend training course with a teaching practicing module or the CELTA intensive 4 week course. Obviously CELTA is the better qualification. However, I am planning to travel to Asia (i'm not picky what grade I teach and would actually prefer younger kids), I hold a Bachelors degree in English Literature from a recognised college in Dublin, Ireland.On the other hand, I have no formal teaching experience.

I was looking at Iinterac and they employ people who have just done a online TEFL? I am shying away from the CELTA as I'm not sure if I want to pursue teaching abroad as a long term profession, so I was thinking to do the TEFL online, try and get a job, then do the CELTA at a later date if after my first hand experience teaching I can decide whether I want to pursue it further. Or is this a waste of money and time doing an online TEFL where I will end up unable to get a reasonably paid position with a school?


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Re: Picking a TEFL course with an English Degree

Unread post by pauldev » 14 Jan 2015, 03:36


You'll be much better off doing the CELTA on location rather than an on-line course it will give you a much better foundation.

I'm a Director of Education from the UK with 12 years experience and thats how I started.

If you would like some support with teacher training and a range of efl materials which can help you in efl teaching please visit the following collection...


All materials have been designed by me and used within my career with great success.

Students find them very interesting and useful. They can supplement a course book very well and can be very useful to you if you move into doing some private tutoring later on.

Also the teacher training package can give you a really good basis for getting started.

Best wishes and good luck!

Paul Devenny

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