Prospective teacher, had a few questions..

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Prospective teacher, had a few questions..

Unread post by Lyrst » 06 Apr 2014, 15:56

Okay to start, i figured I'd go to the source, rather then the salesmen for the college, "another 3 years don't wooorrry". I'm 25, admittedly no qualifications, canadian (ontario) and trying to plan where to go next.

Ideally I wanted to teach abroad to explore a bit, see a different culture, and have my bases I'm sure most do, and I was hoping for a high school in an asian country. China, or Japan preferred. Maybe I'm being optimistic but it seems like it could be fun.

1. I need tefl obviously. But is there any limit on the teaching age for either of those countries? For example, that after 30 (would take me a few years to save, and get everything in gear to be a teacher) I wouldn't be allowed to?
2. Is there any website, or anything you'd recommend me to research beforehand, besides cultural, and location info?
3. Is it better to go for a regular room, or a homestay?
4. This is a bit off topic, but for those learning another language, is there a program or system you recommend? The two big one's I've been looking into are rosetta stone and pimsleur.
5. This may be a bit much but, would it be okay to PM someone to bounce ideas off of, and maybe help me set up where to go next?
6. I read a few posts before posting this, in your experience, is it possible to save at all? Of course - not a lot, but make some headway/put something away.
7. This is a personal one which I'm not expecting an answer, but how is being abroad for diabetics? I know in recent years it's become sort of 'popular' (diabeetus jokes) but that would be one of my main concerns -> insulin.
8. Is it better to take certification (tefl, certa) in the country (let's say for this example, japan) or should I get that before leaving?

Thanks in advance, I think I'll leave it here for now. I do have many more questions, but those can wait. And as corny as it may be, hope to hear from you soon.

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Re: Prospective teacher, had a few questions..

Unread post by teachnlearn » 28 Apr 2014, 05:45

Hey, I always say it's never too late to start. Travelling and following your dreams is one way to really carpe the diem!
1. You are a 'Native' English speaker and so don't need a TEFL degree. In fact, many Asian nations let you get a degree once you're there and working. (E.G. Thailand). You don't need to save billions. Staying in an Asian country is cheap and you will get paid well!
2. Other than cultural and location info, any place that you join will give you an orientation programme. I suggest you join forums like this one that have people who are already teaching in that country. Talking to people who've been there done that is the best!
3. Either will do. You can even bunk with other expats your age but if you want a full fledged cultural experience, homestays are the way to go.
4. Since you mostly need spoken language skills, pimsleur is perfect. Anything audio related - podcasts, radio shows in that language, books in translation etc are great to pick up the language.
5. Sure, you can PM me.
6. It is possible to save 40-60% of your salary if you work in Asia. The cost of living is low and your expenses won't come up to much.
7. Since you will be working in what is considered a prestigious job, you will be able to get the best medical care. I think you will be fine on the med front. However, I suggest you research medical centres and proximity to pharmacies before you go.
8. Getting it before you go is fine but it will all be theoretical knowledge. Getting it in the country you apply for will give you more of a hands on experience.
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