Taking the jump into teaching - please advise

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Taking the jump into teaching - please advise

Unread post by Igthorn » 21 Nov 2009, 18:26

Hi all

My wife and I have been teachers in South Africa for a number of years but are currently contemplating the possibility of the TEFL experience. I am an English teacher with 15 years experience and she has 25 years teaching experience but not specifically in English.

Can we expect to get anywhere with this combination as a couple? Are there things that we should be thinking about? We have a seven year old son who we would like to give the opportunity to see something outside of the limited experience of the country - is this practical or are we being stupid?

Please, all and any advice will be much appreciated.

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Re: Taking the jump into teaching - please advise

Unread post by Lucas » 27 Nov 2009, 15:38

If you are traveling as a family, I suggest that you look for work in Korea. They pay $2,500-$4,000 a month plus benefits such as subsidized accommodation, return airfare, and bonuses. They are always in demand of teachers. Another place that offers high salaries is Hong Kong, which pays up to $60,000 a year. Japan pays well but the cost of living is too much. Then there are countries where you won't make a lot of money but you will have a great life experience, like Thailand and Costa Rica.

All you need is a BA and a reputable TEFL/TESOL certificate or a MA in TESOL/TEFL. You probably have some sort of qualification, such as teacher's college, because of your years of experience.
The school that hires you pays for everything, including benefits and work permit/visa, so never pay a recruiter or a TEFL school for job placement service (Some schools charge up to $600).
Hope this helps,
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Re: Taking the jump into teaching - please advise

Unread post by Loulou » 28 Nov 2009, 09:38

Hi, that's great!

I am South African and I have been living in France since 1995. I am also a teacher and left SA not long after becoming qualified. This is a great opportunity and I don't think you're being unrealistic at all. SA is a lovely country but it is limited in the fact that when you're South African you really do tend to live in SA and not see much else other than other countries in Africa as it is so far away from other continents. This is such a good opportunity for your child!
However, there is one thing that is very important...if you have been an english teacher in SA teaching english to white South Africans then you really really need to have a TEFL certificate under your belt otherwise you are going to get the shock of your life! Teaching english as a foreign or second language has nothing to do with teaching english to high school students who already speak the language...ignore me if you know all of this and have actually been teaching english as a second language to african students! There are TEFL schools in SA. Where do you live?

As for your wife, I know there are people looking for primary school teachers for home studying in a lot of Asian countries. Maybe she can find her niche there or take a TEFL herself. She doesn't need to be an english teacher to teach english in a foreign country as long as she has a solid working knowledge of grammar and how to teach english. This she can get from a TEFL and then work like you wherever you choose to go.

Good luck in your travels!

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Re: Taking the jump into teaching - please advise

Unread post by ICAL_Pete » 02 Dec 2009, 11:28

I would say you are both definitely employable. One tip though: I'd advise not to try and find work at the same school, this can lead to difficulties.

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Re: Taking the jump into teaching - please advise

Unread post by anita » 18 Dec 2009, 08:50

Hello There Guys!
Im new here!
Thanks for that info.
I hope I can have more friends here!
Im happy to be part of this community!
Hope to see you soon Guys!

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Re: Taking the jump into teaching - please advise

Unread post by systematic » 19 Dec 2009, 03:06

I will underline ICAL Pete's comment. Although exceptions prove the rule, generally schools in Thailand are not too keen to employ couples, married or not, or even two friends who appear together for an interview. Whilst independence is frowned upon in Buddhist cultures - indeed, to do anything alone will raise eyebrows - it is known by school recruiters that Western people do do things alone (and quite admirably), and it is therefore expected of them.

To obtain employment, more important than a TESOL qualification is to have a university degree (usually in any discipline will do). Governments insit on a degree, schools often, but not always, insist on a TESOL.

It is certain however that anyone who has not taught English as a foreign language, even an experienced teacher of another subject, will benefit from doing a course (a good one).
I offer any information or advice 'as is' and hope that it has been of help. I am not an admin of this board, and my postings do not necessarily reflect the opinions of the board management.
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Re: Taking the jump into teaching - please advise

Unread post by Lola212 » 10 May 2016, 20:09

Lots of luck with both of you looking for work in your new area. It seems that with a 7 year old you are in a good position for this change. Younger children are more adaptable and easier to relocate. Once children get older they become used to their area, their school and their friends. Its not fair to move them when they are older and become more attached. Be sure to find a good school for your child. Make sure it is clean and safe for him. I hope you will be comfortable where you enroll him. With the amount of experience you both have to offer, I am sure you will not have any trouble finding a good teaching position.

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