Using CALL with students

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Using CALL with students

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Does anybody have ideas for how I can use computers with my classes? The school has a computer room with 10 PC's with word, internet...

I'd like to take my classes in. Any ideas?


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Using CALL with students

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You can use internet as interactive reading practice.

find a website that corresponds to something you've been working on in class. Prepare a worksheet with questions, students find hte answers on the website. This can be used to practise language that has been studied, eg sports, cooking. Students also get exposed to vocab such as "click, go to, link" and other computer related vocabulary.

YOu'll find that students will take time to read stuff on the internet. Even if they usually find reading boring.

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Re: Using CALL with students

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If you have access to a computer lab, there are many things you can do with your students! I have some suggestions for you even though I do not know the age and level of your students.

You could have them participate in discussion forums on the Internet. You could create your own forum or you could have your students participate in an already existing forum.

You could have them participate in a tandem exchange. This consists in exchanging e-mails with other students of another country. Ideally, you have them exchange e-mails with English native speakers who want to learn French.

You could also work with authentic materials (audio, video, written texts, etc) on the Internet. They are easily accessible and not expensive!

All these activities could allow your students to use English in meaningful situations, to discuss with native speakers, and to work with authentic materials.
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