Getting started teaching abroad.

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Getting started teaching abroad.

Unread post by ChiTownCubbi » 12 Aug 2007, 23:25

Thanks for viewing! 25 year old college dropout (junior) looking to test the waters of teaching. I was wondering how I can go about teaching in Thailand or someplace abroad with a decent economy that will not require a degree. I have come close to registering for a $375.00 online course from teflonline but have not yet. Would someone please reccomend an online sites that provides the best job placement and/or TEFL certification sites that are highly acredited in areas like Thailand for non-degree holders? Thanks again. ChiTownCubbi

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Unread post by ayrbv » 13 Aug 2007, 01:08

Hi There,
I would recommend that you definitely NOT do an online course. You should be trained properly, in the classroom. You are already reducing your job options by not having a degree, to also have an online qualification will reduce them so much further. I would suggest you do a CELTA or equivelant course.

Good Luck

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Unread post by shlee » 14 Aug 2007, 11:15

There are so many fly by the seat of your pants programs out there that they give online training a bad name...There ARE legitimately good online programs, but you must be sure of what you get for your money. The program offered by teflonline is not what it is supposed to be. There are other programs out there for less money offering higher quality instruction that is really online...I sent you a PM about one such program...If anyone else would like to receive a PM with the information just let me know...BUT online education isn't as bad as the general opinion would like you to believe...

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Unread post by Alex Case » 22 Aug 2007, 14:01

Unless it is a qualification to be an online teacher, it is always better to have face to face observed teaching practice as part of your course. This is not possible with a 100% online course, therefore it cannot be as good as, for example, the CELTA- end of story. Whether an online course could offer better value for money , be more convenient or even be the only available option for some people are the only debatable points.

You cannot work legally without a degree in Thailand.

I did the CELTA and have been a teacher trainer but have not had any connection to any TEFL certificate providers for the last 4 years. If anyone else posting has a closer connection to a particular course provider, I think they should make that clear publicly in every post they make on this topic.
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